Dec 7, 2013; Charlotte, NC, USA; Florida State Seminoles running back James Wilder Jr. (32) wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin (1) and wide receiver Kenny Shaw (81) celebrate with fans after defeating the Duke Blue Devils at Bank of America Stadium. FSU defeated Duke 45-7. Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

"The Strange Case of Bama Fans Rooting for Auburn"

Inside of each of us Alabama fans, a war is brewing. On the outside, we know our deep Crimson leanings tell us our football companions to the south of the state are our mortal enemies. But for many of us, a conscience conundrum has presented itself, for there is part of us that – gasp – is wanting to root for Auburn. To win the national championship.

The likes of such an inner divide were illustrated most profoundly by author Robert Louis Stevenson, in “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Our Bama ethos is being driven by our own Dr. Henry Jekyll, who is battling our evil Auburn-supporting Edward Hyde, who somehow feels that rooting for Auburn is acceptable.

I feel certain that, deep in your subconscious, you are having your own Jekyll-Hyde debate, and it may go much like this:

JEKYLL: I cannot root for Auburn. It goes against the very core of my being.

HYDE: The SEC has won seven straight national titles. Do you really want the streak to end?

JEKYLL: Well, if it’s going to end, wouldn’t it be better to be able to blame Auburn? After all, we won three of the last four, including one without winning the SEC title. Talk about doing the heavy lifting.

HYDE: What about keeping the crystal ball in the state of Alabama for a fifth straight year?

JEKYLL: Did you really enjoy that one year Auburn had the crystal ball? Didja?

HYDE: Think of Iron Bowl 2014. We can conquer our foes once again, and proudly proclaim to have bested the National Champs on our way to a fourth title in six years.

JEKYLL: Think of recruiting right now. Imagine a five-star recruit on the fence. Which impact would you prefer on the lad: Auburn shining in the title game or losing 156-0?

HYDE: What about the recruits that would get for FSU?

JEKYLL: You don’t worry about that. You worry about the fact you’ve actually posted “War Eagle” on Facebook.

HYDE: It’s family. You always side with family.

JEYLL: Fredo Corleone was family, too.

HYDE: Hey, we may hate each other on the field, but at the end of the day, we’re all Alabama football.

JEKYLL: No, we’re Alabama football. They’re Auburn football.

HYDE: Surely there is something we agree one.

JEKYLL: Yes, we hate Tennessee and Florida. And AJ McCarron was rightfully invited to New York for the Heisman presentation.

HYDE: As was Tre Mason.

JEKYLL: Are you actually wearing orange and blue right now?

HYDE: But I just feel like it’s the right thing to do, for the SEC, for the state of Alabama.

JEKYLL: Bear Bryant is going to haunt you.

At the end of Stevenson’s novella, Dr. Jekyll finds no choice but to take out both Jekyll and Hyde, knowing that his transformation into Hyde would be inevitable. Thus, choose your inner monologues wisely. Roll Tide. Go Noles.

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  • Pamela Trammell

    AU wins, I can be happy the crystal remains in Alabama. AU loses, I can enjoy FSU and rival SEC fans raking them over the coals for ending the streak, and be happy that Bama finishes the season at #2. WIN-WIN.

  • Greg Duke

    The check has already been written to Aubie and the SEC, so the revenue sharing begins when it is deposited. I would NEVER cheer for Auburn, unless they…. nevermind. Never. The booger eaters from Opelika are what they are, red-headed step-children. The trash talk that I have had to endure since the Iron Bowl is horrific, so, NEVER. I had hoped that Bama would have been matched up with Oregon, or, the OH-NO team from Columbus. Sooner rather than later? They are a has been team, just like their southern neighbor, Texas. Too much manure, not enough to compete with Bama. Roll Tide!

  • StevieRayHubcap

    I am an Alabama fan. I am not an SEC fan. Having to compete with other teams in our Conference makes me hate them more than say a Michigan or a Notre Dame. Whenever I watch a football game, if it features and SEC team against a non-SEC team, I usually pull for the OOC team because the SEC is my foe. WE need them to lose so we can win. PEriood. I hate Aubrns with a passion. I hate LSU. I hate Tinnersay. And Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Texas A&M–I used to like them, but they joined the SEC, so screw them too–and Mizzou and all the rest except for Vandy. I feel sorry for Vandy. Whenever 2 SEC teams play each other, I pull for the one whose win over the other most helps Bama. If a win helps both of them against Bama, I wish they could tie.
    I am an Alabama fan.

    • bkg1979

      You are no fan. You are a Fanatic. A disgrace to college football fans everywhere. I have been a Bama fan for life.There is no hate. it is just a game. I would love to keep that championship ball in Alabama and the SEC. it shows the entire nation that the SEC is the best and that Bama football program is the best all time team in the SEC.

      • Twisted Muser

        To each their own Roll Tide and Roll Noles Roll

  • Twisted Muser

    I cannot possibly cheer for Auburn under any circumstances. I really don’t understand where the “fan of the SEC” mystique even comes about. They are all teams we compete against! ROLL TIDE AND ROLL NOLES ROLL!

  • Jamie Johnson

    I can easily pull for the SEC, But that is the SEC minus Au. No way. The crystal does not come to our “state.” That is just some false salve for the pain. I hope FSU beats Auburn 100-0 and my conscious is just fine.

  • thomasprine

    As an Alabama native and fan–but one who lives out of state and has for a while–I was able to pull for Auburn against Oregon. But mostly because I wanted to make sure those PAC featherweights understood what kind of football we play in the SEC. But not this year. The way we lost that game, and that it should be us there instead, I cannot root for them this time. I hope Auburn gets crushed. They should not have beat Georgia and they should not have beat us. Roll Tide. Go Noles.

  • ndotken

    It’s too bad both FSU and Auburn can’t both lose because for the first time in many years, the best team in the country is not in the BCSNCG. Instead they’ll be playing Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.

  • William Boot

    You don’t root for the devil just because he’s from the Bible too.