Jan 6, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Auburn Tigers head coach Gus Malzahn instructs against the Florida State Seminoles during the first half of the 2014 BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn Fans (And Media) React to Proposed NCAA Rule Change

Auburn Tigers fans were predictably up in arms Wednesday when the NCAA announced it was considering a rule change that would give defenses a chance to substitute. We really don’t want this site to become all about what the Auburn rabble are yelling into their monitors, but sometimes this stuff is too good to pass up. Enjoy.

If true then it shows how powerful Nick Saban is in this sport. He has proposed this and pushed it through with very little support.


the updykes have destroyed college football. Ignore and break rules in recruiting and change on the field rules to fit your teams strengths. hey ncaa why not investigate the uat cult? That would clean up most of the problems in the game.



I challenge anyone to provide data that there were more injuries in games to defensive players going against HUNH offenses than non-HUNH offenses.  saban is a total ***** that has to turn to the NCAA to do what he can’t accomplish on the field.  He and Emmert are a disgrace to the game.



saban’s middle name should be HYPOCRITE. whinny little man ran the HUNH in both halves of the Iron Bowl but now wants to outlaw it? The bottmo line is wee man doesn’t have a clear advantage any longer and wants the rules changed to aid him and get the odds heavy titled back in his favor—–HYPOCRITE baby!



Little nicky is a pitiful chicken **** coach if he has to change the rules to make up for his lack of coaching intelect.


Little nick has got to be the biggest cry baby in NCAA history. I would love to see some reporter at one of his press debacles, when he goes off, just walk up to him and lay his *** out. He has to have everything in his favor just to win, which includes cheating in recruiting and having Emmert lay in bed with him. For him to be built up as one of the greatest coaches ever is the biggest joke ever. Someone please tell me what people see in this *****.


it also shows how weak and pathedic saban is. what a wuss , a coward and a only can win with total advantage. COWARD. ncaa is a weak noodle with emmert hold hands with saban.


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  • Jamie Johnson

    Delusion CAN be helped with therapy and medication. Just not enough of it for that fan base. RTR

  • TidePride24

    Auburn fans are the biggest whiners in all of sports. Man up and grow a pair. And it proves that born and raised Auburn fans don’t believe Auburn is the best school for them. I believe you all are worse than Updyke. He attacked some trees and you people are attacking people. Pathetic excuse to do so too. RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • S Cleckley

      Attacking people? You mean like shooting a fellow fan or sexually assaulting strangers? Maybe your referring to the time that death threats were sent to the kicker?

  • Oldefarte

    Yeah maybe the NCAA should be granted subpoena power and then legally required to investigate the Cam Newton scholarship situation. Obtain daddy’s bank records and then see if Auburn wants to open up their ignorant mouths?????????

  • David Bailey

    Their own defensive coach is talking about how it’s destroying the game .

  • William Boot

    I’ve never seen a more delusional bunch of people. It certainly helps explain why, even after two of their best seasons in history in the last 5 years, no one takes them seriously.

  • S Cleckley

    Bama fans that defend this baseless rule change are nothing, but sheep and cowards.

  • Adam

    You Auburn fans are total idiots. Why shouldn’t the defense be able to substitute. The offense can and the defense can’t? Why? You keep saying bama is changing the rules because they can’t win which is ignorant as hell. That’s the reason you run the no huddle hurry up shit so the defense can’t substitute and get ready its nothing more than trickery. A damn trick play. Which is what you run when u can’t do anything else. Auburn didn’t want us to sub players and be ready for the play because they knew better. Just another thing to show how little Auburn fans know about football. They’re not used to winning and it shows!!!!! Lol