Shane Sez: Some Things To Ponder


Here we are, trapped in that sports void that comes around this time each year. After the recruiting season is over and the last spring game played, there is nothing left but gridiron predictions for the next season. During the next one hundred and some-odd days, football fanatics can do nothing but wait for the opening kickoff. In light of the fact that we have only time to kill, I have several opinions and questions that I will throw out for consumption and debate:

Nick Saban sent a strong message to future Crimson Tide players when he demonstrated – through record-setting wide receiver D.J. Hall – that no matter how talented a player may be, his attitude sets the altitude to which he rises. D.J.’s disposition may have cost him millions of dollars in NFL money.

Tommy Tuberville has no one to blame but himself for getting trounced in recruiting this year. How could he expect young men to sign with Auburn when he himself was trying to leave?
When is former Auburn head football coach Pat Dye going to go away and leave the current coach (whoever that may be) alone, and let him do his job? I’m of the opinion that Dye has his fingerprints all over this Tony Franklin “spread” offense.

I hear Florida coach Urban Meyer is one nasty son-of-a-gun. Rumors abound of his exploits concerning recruiting and a few other non-football related issues. Will Meyer’s arrogance eventually turn Florida fans against him if he doesn’t win “big” consistently?

The new “Saban” recruiting rule is nothing but a cop-out by the NCAA, designed to appease the lazy coaches, who whine the loudest. Truthfully, they simply aren’t committed to the institution they work for enough to actually earn their paycheck. Thanks Tommy.

Has the “era of the thug” finally come to an end? Recent moves by the NFL indicate that character and class carry as much weight as athletic ability when teams consider the draft status of a potential player. Will college football follow suit?

LSU head coach Les Miles is in uncharted waters. Next season he’ll have to face the treacherous SEC with his own players. Miles will no longer be able to rely on the talent Nick Saban left behind. I bet those crazy LSU fans are going to miss the new Nebraska head coach, and I honestly believe that Les Miles hates that he’s not in Ann Arbor.

Is Mark Richt going to continue the current Georgia trend and let his Bulldogs get tagged early by some average opponent? He seems to ruin a potential national championship run every year with an early choke.

If Kentucky coach Rich Brooks and his staff were at a school like Florida or LSU they would compete for championships early and often. They are that good.

After another frustrating season as the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, Steve Spurrier will begin thinking about finishing his career at a real football school. Can you blame him?

Alabama is going to surprise future opponents this year by taking Clemson out to the woodshed in the season opener. In fact they will win at least 9 games in the regular season, with a very good probability of adding a 10th win in a bowl game. Possible losses may come to: Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia, and Clemson. As I stated above the Clemson thing is a done deal. The other team I think the Tide will beat is Auburn.

Speaking of Auburn, they will face difficulties this year, due to a lack of continuity and consistency. Mainly because both coordinators are brand new. I think Auburn will lose 5 regular season games and finish the season strong with a bowl victory to reach 8 wins.