The Crimson Roundtable: What Week Is This?


Nothing jerks you out of the posting doldrums like a good drug bust, and Jimmy Johns didn’t disappoint. Now, maybe the three remaining fans of his will shut up and move on with their lives.

In all seriousness, this is very troubling. With the scrutiny of the national media upon him, Coach Saban had every reason to act quickly in dismissing Johns.

A coach cannot monitor his players 24/7, so it’s important to recruit men of character in the first place. It’s small comfort to note none of Saban’s recruits have caused any trouble, that we know of. Hopefully the culture shift will continue, and the team character will continue to improve.

Our apologies to TSIB for missing their turn at bat; we’re finally moved into the new digs, and it’s slowing down a bit around here. This week, Gerry Dorsey takes his turn at bat:

What team will be the biggest surprise in the sec in ’08? The biggest disappointment?
Call us homers, but Alabama will surprise those who don’t follow the team religiously. Alabama will be much improved in attitude and drive, and will continue getting better and tougher throughout the year.

Mississippi State fans better get ready to be disappointed. With coaching upgrades for Arkansas and Ole Miss, the SEC West won’t provide any gimme games for Sly Croom, and the Dawgs will fall back to earth.

We appear to know who our QB is going to be for the season barring something crazy, but not all offensive skill positions are so certain. As the season progresses, who do you see stepping up to be this squad’s most productive RB? and WR?
Grant probably gets the nod as the running back, but we expect rushing-by-committee this season. As for the wide receiver position, we’re going to go waaaaay out on a limb, and say something we know won’t come to pass; Julio Jones is our leading receiver by end of the year.

Obviously “The Saban” is lord and savior, and created the heavens and the earth, but if you were forced to trade Saban for another active coach, who would it be and why?
Rich Rodriguez. Okay, seriously…

Butch Davis would have been a good choice before Saban came into the picture. He’s hard-nosed, a good recruiter, and is good at rebuilding programs.

Some people view Bama fans as insane. While “insane” is an awfully strong word, many Bama fans have a disturbing obsession with their team. what is the most significant/unique/valuable/weird piece of Bama paraphernalia you have and why?
While it’s true Bama fans can be rabid, that’s true of fans of any team. That’s what makes us fans.

We don’t have a lot of Bama merch; no Bama room, no Tide Christmas tree, no Bear Bryant cola mounted on the wall. We do have a Gene Stallings-signed book commemorating the 1992 Championship, and a Bama desk lamp (a gift) sits on the desk next to us.

In fact, the most damning evidence of our Bama obsession is this blog.