Alabama vs. Tennessee – The Pick (Updated)


Take a minute to think about this. Alabama is undefeated and playing each week for a shot at the national championship. Auburn is in the process of collapsing. Tennessee fans are howling for the head of Phillip Fulmer. All seems right in the world once again.

Tennessee week is a tough one for us. Rocky Top is a fantastic bluegrass song, completely ruined by its connection with the Volunteers. We love the state and have many friends from there; and we hate what the rivalry has become. This used to be a game of mutual respect; two storied programs clashing, and shaking hands afterwards. The underhanded, backstabbing ways of Fulmer and his partner in crime Roy Kramer turned this into a death match. Our hope is this game spells the end of the hate, and that the inevitable dismissal of Fulmer leads to a resurgence of the old-school rivalry. But until then…


Alabama needs to make a statement this week. Bama has struggled to close out games, and came uncomfortably close to a meltdown last week against a surging Ole Miss team. Winning big on the road in front of a hostile Volunteer crowd will help the team’s confidence, and its position in the BCS poll. Under the lights tomorrow night, expect to see a sea of orange dwindle as home fans hit the exits, and Rammer Jammer cheers drown out the boos as the evening draws to a close.

Other SEC games:

Florida 28, Kentucky 17

Georgia 24, LSU 20

Ole Miss 20, Arkansas 17

Miss. St. 10, Middle TN 9

Vanderbilt 17, Duke 16

The Bama/Tennessee game always makes me a little nervous and, let me be honest, despite how well we’ve played in every first half so far this year, I keep wondering if the shoe’s gonna drop soon. Are we gonna lose one we shouldn’t lose (because, realistically, I think we’re the better team in all of the games left on our schedule)? Could today be the day?

Although it could happen, I think we’ll get back on track today. It’s time for our full-game offense to show up, and what better day to do it than the 3rd (4th) Saturday in October? Even without Cody, our defense should be able to control Tennessee’s struggling offense (although, if Eric Berry plays on offense for UT, that could make things more interesting). The UA offense vs. Tenn defense will be the real story. UT’s defense has played pretty well, and Bama needs to run roughshod over them and John Parker needs to have a few big plays to win it out. I think we will (and the cigars will be smoked freely)!

Other SEC games:

(this could be the most entertaining game of the day)

Ole Miss 24 ,Ark 13

(I was really hard-pressed to choose a winner here)

Duke 20, Vanderbilt 14

(I am really cheering for Vandy to win and become bowl eligible, but why do I have this feeling they’re a sinking ship?)

Other games of personal interest:
Purdue 24, Minnesota 14 (for my good bloggy friend Phats)
Texas 45, OK State 28 (for everyone else in my family! I see no reason for Texas to stop winning big now!)