No Bama = Vampires, Pirates, and Crapples


What’s a girl to do during an Alabama bye week?

While I will miss heading down to Tuscaloosa to watch my Crimson Tide play, I will also take the time to enjoy the week off and do as Coach Saban would want me to do–relax and enjoy myself, but also keep my focus!! (And, believe you me, I now follow pretty much whatever instructions Saban gives to me. After last week’s call to arms, I was at the Mississippi State game with my loudest cheers of the season!)

I will stay focused on the task at hand–sending positive energy to my Tide team, while also enjoying every moment of this incredible 11-0 and run–but will relax some this weekend. How can I do that without a Bama game to go to or watch on tv? Well…I think it will involve some vampires, pirates, and an apple contest.

Without Bama playing, these are the games that are piquing my interest this weekend…

~ I will start the day with an early afternoon game of vampires vs. other vampires, werewolves, and teenagers experiencing typical teen angst (made all the more difficult with vampires roaming around your school). Yep, my inner geek (and eager book lover) comes out as I will eagerly be heading off to watch “Twilight” the movie. Can. not. wait.

~ Once I have stuffed myself with gallons of movie theatre popcorn butter, I will head home to enjoy this slate of games for the rest of the day…

1. Ole Miss vs. LSU. I am really interested in seeing how this matchup lines up and goes down. LSU struggled (yay, mightily struggled!) against Troy last week (I think the physicality of their game against us the week before really hampered them) and still doesn’t have a quarterback answer. Ole Miss, on the other hand, has looked strong at many points over the season and, after all, is the Team That Has Beaten Florida Despite the Fact that the Gators Have Already Been Crowned National Champions. Should be a good game!

2. Washington vs. Washington State. Why in the world would I want to watch a battle between 0-10 and 1-10 teams? Well, simply put…it’s a battle between 0-10 and 1-10 teams. They’re also rivals (how much would you want to NOT be considered the worst team in your state) and it’s called the Apple Cup (or perhaps the Crapple Cup?). Gotta love that!

3. Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma. The Sooners and the Red Raiders (aka Pirates) will have all of my attention this Saturday night in what I think will be an Epic Battle of Wills (and Quarterbacks) with a little bit of defense thrown in every once in a while. Not only will this be a great shootout with a great atmosphere, it’s also a de-facto playoff game and a showcase for the ultimate Heisman Trophy winner. That’s some good stuff…and if I can’t have a Bama game this weekend, that’s the second best I could ask for!

So…vampires, and apples (crapples?), and pirates…make for a pretty good Bama-free weekend. Besides, I need to save some energy for the Week that is Too Come (I’m all a-tingle thinking about it already!).

What are your sporting (and other) plans for the weekend?