Are You Serious?! Haters Gonna Hate Edition


Since recruiting, spring practice and the raise heard round the world took place, the hater vibe on the web has skyrocketed out of control.  I chose a few that I would share but trust me when I tell you that these haterific Tweets are just the tip of the iceberg.  I get it.  Saban is an amazing coach and you’re jealous but honestly…

Are you serious?!

It makes no sense that the top players in the country want to go to a school that has won two national championships in the past three years. Surely, there must be something sinister happening.

This person is referring to John Calipari, the head coach of Kentucky’s basketball team.  If you look him up on Wikipedia, he has a section dedicated solely to controversies that have followed him over the course of the game. The only “concern” listed when you glance at Saban’s Wikipedia page would be the accusations against him in regards to oversigning. He has never been in trouble for any of that and all accusations are speculative.

Football is a business. Much like Wall Street, decisions are made.  As long as those decisions don’t break the rules, people need to get over it. Calipari has had wins vacated due to controversy and also got in a bit of trouble for a racist comment made to a journalist. Calipari and Saban aren’t in the same category.

It’s true that coaches say that they will stay with teams all the time and then they don’t. While I’d like to believe with all of my heart that Saban will stay at Alabama for the next thirty years, I realize that is not a guarantee. However, I think this comparison is a bit weak. It sounds like this guy got rejected for a first date from Saban, not like he’s accusing him of lying about scholarships.

After doing a little research on Dalvin Tomlinson, my best assessment is that Nick Saban truthfully told the player that he couldn’t sign with Bama this year and their enrollment was delayed until 2013. I haven’t seen anything to prove otherwise. I would also venture to say that Nick Saban knows what he’s doing and wouldn’t run around telling everyone that they can have a scholarship to play for Alabama.

I would definitely like to make Saban money. I would also like to pull in the same amount of money for my company that Saban does for the University of Alabama. Look, I was an English Major and the old wooden desks from the 1960s and the dusty chalkboards of the liberal arts side of campus used to frustrate me back in the day.

I know a bit more about things now. It’s not all black and white. The football program provides scholarships, funds other athletic programs and does outstanding things for the economy in Tuscaloosa. Things are starting to look up in other buildings on campus, too. If you excel at your job, you deserve a raise.

He wasn’t the only one getting a raise, either, the entire coaching staff did. There are amazing professors on the campus of the University of Alabama and they also deserve more money. However, the money for football isn’t taking money out of the pockets of teachers, it’s part of the reason the university flourishes.

As you can see, the flagrant disgust for Nick Saban is at an all-time high. It doesn’t make me angry though, because as long as people hate Nick Saban, it means Alabama is winning.

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