Are You Serious?! Shattered Glass Edition


It’s almost as if Alabama haters have been waiting on the edge of their seats for Alabama to do something stupid.  If you type the word ‘Bama’ in Twitter’s search field, you can find thousands of Tweets making fun of the Tide for the recent fall of the Crystal Trophy which is a mere representation of Alabama’s most recent national championship.

The story even made USA Today, who reported that the Waterford Crystal trophy worth $30,000, shattered when the father of a current player accidentally knocked it over. Mum is the word on which player’s Dad made the error everyone is obsessed with on Twitterverse.

If I were a player for the University of Alabama football team, it would have definitely been my father that dropped the trophy, so I am in no way judging this man; it was clearly an accident.

Guess what?  As much as the teams in orange would love to believe Alabama is the only team to ever have such a problem, it’s just not the case. Florida did it in 2006 and Florida State actually lost two of theirs. We aren’t the only ones. It should also be noted that Alabama won’t lose any titles because of this little slip up. It means that they will keep their title and replace the trophy. So everyone needs to chill out and find a new story to talk about.

There were too many ridiculous and over the top Tweets to choose from.  People were so excited to call us Bama folks dumb that they just went crazy.  I listed my favorites below.

As usual, my response to these ignorant Tweets is: Are you serious?! I’m sure none of you classy people has ever knocked anything over, dropped anything, made a mistake?  I am choosing to focus on the fact that we won, we are still the champions and there won’t be any shattered glass on the field in the fall.

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