Your Weekly Auburn Zen: A-Day Edition


In case you didn’t know it, Auburn held their own version of A-Day last weekend. The festivities included the unveiling of statues of their three Heisman winners, because once you acknowledge team awards in a team sport are almost always out of reach, individual honors become all-important.

One of those honored was quarterback and laptop enthusiast Cam Newton, who offered up a bit of verse that showcased his ability to rhyme words with themselves:

365 days that was my tenure
But for some strange reason it felt like I’ve always been here.
All the blood, sweat and tears it took to get this
I’ll always honor and cherish this.

My road to the top had a couple pit stops
But during my time at Auburn the love of the Auburn family would not let my moral drop.
Greatness was what I strived for and greatness is what I got
The mentality of the Auburn man took me to the top

Some people will never understand the feeling of what it means to be an Auburn man
But I’m lucky enough to be able to raise my right hand and be able to say “I can.”
My time at Auburn, I don’t know if it could have been any better
Man, was it great.
We won an SEC title, a national championship
And, oh yeah, we beat that team, 27-28

As a wise man once said, “This place,” as in Auburn, “was great way before you were thought of” (Coach Chizik)
And this place is where I will always love
So as I share this day with two of Auburn’s beloved
I want to end by saying “War Eagle” and “I believe in Auburn and love it.”

Now, put away your Kleenex, because it’s that time again where we dig through the Auburn message boards like a toddler pushing a pea up his nose, to bring you this week’s unintentional comedy bonanza. As always, spelling and grammar errors are left in.

"Cam’s natural charisma shines through each time you hear him talk. I can see why he is such a good leader."

"AU is clearly a special place for Cam…not just a stepping stone to Sunday football."

"From what i saw, we have all the tools to compete for an SEC WEST championship THIS year…And the rest of you bunker sissys need to jump on this bandwagon and stop being tools…We will be good this year and there isnt a single game that we cannot win…"

"Not to worry folks. This team is loaded with RB talent and this fall it will emerge for all to see. The spring means very little and when the tigers take the field against Clemson, we will unleash a stable of Hell. Meanwhile, across the state at west vance, it seems that Benedict Yeldon is about all they’ve got. What happens if he goes down? Disaster! hehehe"

"is it commonplace to create a statue of a player that appears to be in “action” on the field…..without his helmet on?"

"A statue isn’t always just literal interpretation of things. Its Auburn, we’re unique in a good way."

"We have good depth accross the entire defensive team except MLB in particular and LB in general."

"We threw a slant. That in itself is improvement. Not sure what to think about the fact that it fell incomplete though"

"You will quickly forget about Dyer after seeing our RBs this year"

"Unfortunately, our coaches are going to give some carries to McCalleb and that will take touches away from our other superiorly talented backs."

"This might a duplicate post but does anyone else hate the way Coach Chiz sets this game up? Makes no sense to me why they score it the way they do. I use to go until he started scoring it like this. Why cant we just have a game like almost EVERYONE else. Thats all i ask. Something we can follow. Dont you guys want to see a GAME like they way it used to be. I think its kinda dumb. Will some of you “insiders” drop a line to Coach Chiz and tell him i said this. LOL. Thanks"

"I agree, wouldnt walk from the parking lot to see it, it makes now sense. I watched for a few minutes 2 or 3 Spring Games on Saturday and at least you knew what was going on. Like which side was winning and how they scored the points. Pisses me off the way it is. If it wasnt for the statues there would have been 1000 people. If he does it again next year there will be like 167 people there, all family members."

And finally, there’s at least one Auburn fan with realistic expectations:

"this team will not be blown out by anyone next year and will make drastic improvement on the both sides of the ball."

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