Poll: Greatest College Football Rivalry (Other Than The Iron Bowl)


The Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn is clearly the most important rivalry game in the nation, but there are other rivalries with history and tradition. These rivalries make college football fun and are often a picture of sportsmanship and good old-fashioned football. Even though the Iron Bowl is a game no one should miss, what is another rivalry outside of the University of Alabama that deserves the title of most important?

Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns

Also known as the Red River Rivalry, this game began back in 1900 and is one of the greatest rivalries in sports. Oklahoma and Texas consider each other their biggest rivals, and the teams have met over 100 times. One or both teams have national attention each year, so the game is always one to watch. Texas leads the series currently 59-42-5, and there have been many notable games over the years. If you asked a Sooner or a Longhorn if they thought the Iron Bowl or Red River Rivalry was more important, they may just answer, “What’s the Iron Bowl?”

Michigan Wolverines vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

This rivalry is known to some as simply, The Game. It’s an annual rivalry that began in 1897 in Ann Arbor. Many times this game has determined the Big Ten Conference title, who goes on to play in the Rose Bowl and has also had an influence on the national championship game. In 2000, ESPN ranked it as the greatest North American sports rivalry. Currently, Michigan leads the series 58-43-6.  There have been memorable moments, wars between coaches, famous players and outstanding plays that have filtered their way through this game over the years and many people consider it one of the most important rivalries ever.

Florida Gators vs. Florida State Seminoles

This in-state rivalry was more of a late bloomer because it began in 1958, but it is an important part of the history of the state of Florida. The Gators lead the series 33-21-2. Much like the other rivalries, there are many occasions when one or both of the teams comes into the rivalry ranked and it is a critical matchup. Florida State University had ups and downs in the early years of its existence, and wasn’t always an institution that had football. In fact, at one time, it was a school for women. The school split off and a men’s university was created. After World War II, both the University of Florida and Florida State University existed as co-ed schools and the tension grew between them. Since then, both teams wait in anticipation for the game every year in hopes of winning the Florida Cup.

Auburn Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs

The “Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry” is an annual game between Auburn and Georgia.  This rivalry began in 1892, and they have met almost every year since. The teams have played a total of 115 times, and this longevity makes this game one of the most important rivalries in college football. Auburn barely leads the series at 54-53-8, and since 1899 the game has ended in a scoreless tie six times. In 1942, Georgia won the national championship with an 11-1 record, but didn’t beat Auburn that year. In 1983, Pat Dye celebrated his very first SEC Championship with a win over Georgia.


There are a whole slew of rivalries that could be mentioned in this list. There are old rivalries and in-state rivalries across the nation, like Ole Miss/Mississippi State (the Egg Bowl), USC/UCLA, Oregon/Oregon State, Army/Navy, Arkansas/Texas and Oklahoma/Oklahoma State.  Who would you choose?

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