Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Draft Edition


It’s that time again, where we turn over the rock that is the Auburn message board community to look at the critters underneath. As always, spelling and grammar errors are in the original.

"I doubt we could field a football or basketball team if an ACT score of 26 was required."

"It’s funny how everybody thinks smashmouth football is the only way to win because bama and LSU are doing it right now and winning. What about the 50+ teams who are doing it and aren’t?"

"Alabama has never outcoached anybody since Sabear got there, You line up “smashmouth” only if your guys are decidedly better than the other guys. And if THEY outscheme YOU, then lookout."

"Tired subject??? If this ad, put in the bammerham news and posted on their storefront in the Galleria, does not offend you, you are and idiot."

"I am noticing a pattern, that it doesn’t matter what system you run, as long as you run it competently, and keep the other team from scoring."

"We’ll be noticeably better in 2012 I’m sure, but then by 2013, I expect AU to be back in the top 10 in total defense AND scoring defense."

"I think we improve by several points on defense just because we aren’t snapping the ball every 12 seconds on offense."

"Even in the Cam thing if you look back, the basic facts were right. The opinions and assumptions were wrong. Someone did ask for money from MSU and I think Cecil had some role in going along with it. Where they went wrong was assuming AU must have paid up with no proof or witnesses saying so and assuming Cam was in on it, despite nobody involved claiming that. They had every right to break a report saying multiple sources at MSU claimed that they were asked for cash. They had no right to convict the kid or the school he ended up at."

"it amazes me that some on here still don’t believe sabear bugs other teams (including us)."

"When I think of NFL I think of nick satan. They should call the Lombardi trophy the saban trophy"

"FWIW, about 5 months ago Solomon did an article about how Chizik actually processes recruits more than Saban does. He pointed out that 40% of the signees from the ’09 and ’10 class were no longer at AU."

"Saban’s players get drafted high, then stink like the turds they are. What Saban prospect is really good in the pros?"

"AU increases tuition 8% next year… Hope Auburn uses some of the money to brick in the endzones of the stadium"

"Dude, if you go back over Saban’s 14 year coaching career, you can’t name a single player that has gone on and been productive in the NFL. Correct me if I’m wrong."

"It’s easy to produce top round draft picks when you sign so many highly ranked players and win big."

"Auburn is either one of the worst jobs in the SEC because of the lack of education lottery scholarships or we need Jay Jacobs and Hal Baird to stay out of the process when we have to replace Paws."

And finally, one Auburn fan is getting out while the getting’s good…

"My Fiancee has a townhouse in Auburn that we are looking to sell quickly below market value."