It's that time again; where we browse the Auburn message boards like an ..."/>   It's that time again; where we browse the Auburn message boards like an ..."/>   It's that time again; where we browse the Auburn message boards like an ..."/>

Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Pecan Log Edition


It’s that time again; where we browse the Auburn message boards like an Opelika fashionista looking for a puffy shirt, for a look at what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards. As always, spelling and grammar errors are in the original text.

"I hope he walks on. Would be a waste of a scholarship at the level we are recruiting in the Chizik era. Which I thought Wallace was a waste as well."

"No offense at all to your mom, but does she really follow AU sports, and football in particular? Also no offense to your mom – or your dad, but how do you think she would look at your suggesting a visit for her with a stanger on the other side of the world. Maybe you should clear that with your Dad first."

"I guess the connection would be the fact that so many of our players have children these days. Do they bring them out to eat or to movies and what age do they finally leave them alone by themselves. What’s Chiz’s policy on these issues?"

"Evan Dingleberry tweets about AU getting swept, then immediately retweets about bammer baseball and there win at MSU."

"Seems like a damn good athlete. Will he be apart of our football recruiting class?"

"How to I get the coaches email address? A friend of mine’s son was the top rated long snapper at a recent camp here in Texas."

"This looks like it could be one of our best defensive class ever. I believe with Vangorder coming over we will look to stockpile our defense for the next couple years."

"Is theubre anything more frustrating than to be an AU baseball fan? I thin I have watched every televised game this year and has Auburn team won one yet? Sorry for the typing mistakes—I am so mad I could spit!"

"Auburn was at Raleigh (N.C.) Wakefield today … That’s the school of 4-star QB Connor Mitch. Right now he has LSU and S. Carolina on top with Bama next but he is generally confused so anything is possible."

"Hell everyone knows that AJ McCRACKBABY did not get the job because he was the in state kid… He got it because he was the white kid and that is just the way things are at spuat."

"I have been patiently awaiting a non 3 star recruiting visit update from the mods for some time now"

"This could cause our NANCIES to implode ….. they won’t know whether to whine about AU giving a scholly to a punter/2* (in a year with tight #s no less) or to worry about the turds stealing the kid."

"When my brother was in school he wore holes in his knee pads. Coach kept asking us “how the hell is that happening to his knee pads in the offseason.”"

And finally, one fan lets us know that Auburn championship memorabilia is available in the finest retail outlets:

"Re; The Signed 2010 National Championship Team Helmet For Sale – If anyone is interested the Stuckey’s gas station off I-65 at the Priceville exit as the real helmets with all the autographs for $450."

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