It's that time again, where we plow through the crap like an Opp peanut ..."/>   It's that time again, where we plow through the crap like an Opp peanut ..."/>

Your Weekly Auburn Zen: Cheaters Edition


It’s that time again, where we plow through the crap like an Opp peanut farmer, to bring you a dose of what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards. As always, spelling and grammar errors are in the originals.

"I believe they are EVIL to the core and have always been. I believe, and yes this is my opinion but:1. The commitment to us by Cyrus on TV was a total set up by them. They told him to commit to us. ..just so they could humiliate us. It makes TOTAL sense. Nobody does that.2. Yeldon knew he was going to Alabama, and they forced the guy to string us along, thinking he was totally committed when he had no intention of going to Auburn.3. The Calloway thing was a total setup too. They told him to commit to Auburn..just so they could turn him back to them and make us look bad.4. Now a certain player has moved to Auburn, and they are laughing at all of the Auburn people who have their hopes up ..Call me crazy if you want, but they have nothing in their pathetic lives but Bama football, and they’ll do anything to humiliate us…They are evil. Do not ever forget this.We already told the NCAA and the FBI to piss off, I doubt we’re worried about the AHSAA."

"There would not be any “mess” at all if the turds could just recruit as cleanly as we do and play by NCAA rules. Not saying we are perfect or lilly-white but we are pretty darn close as far as power football programs go."

"We never had a chance in the ’75 Iron Bowl. The drunk’s bammerham refs gave the ball back to bammer on the opening drive of both halves. Both were richard todd fumbles recovered by AU—only to be handed back to the turds."

"Auburn will always be Auburn. That is why AU has decided not to have more 25,000 (and some change) as their max enrollment. Unlike bama, AU is trying to keep Auburn at a level that we keep the small town feel. bamer is just admitting almost anyone just to get $$$. It is much easier to get into bamer right now than at AU."

"Bottom line: If bama wants him bad enough they’ll get him. Same way they’ve gotten several other AU recruits, i.e. Yeldon, Callaway, etc. These are the same folks who paid $200k for a defensive tackle in the 90’s. $100k is chump change. Hell, they paid over $100k for a running back in the late 60’s."

"uat pays only a handful of players through anonymous ways and no just because uat pays players doesn’t mean Auburn is paying players. If you don’t remember the NCAA, the NY Times and every other media outlets were all over Auburn like stink on s*** for nearly a full year and some are still lurking around, waiting for something…anything. Hell, even one of Auburn’s “beatwriters” is doing everything he can to drag Auburn through the mud."

"I don’t buy that they have a full proof system. There are too many dumb people."

"This is not the year to be overly critical of Chizik. Next year is. The only ones who will put Auburn and Chizik on the hot seat are bamr fans and the local media (bamr fans). If let them drag Auburn fans into their abysmal existence and not give Auburn and Chizik the opportunity he has earned and deserves, then we are as bad as bamrs. As far as I’m concerned winning a Natty automatically gives you four more years."

"Wonder how far the Turds will fall when AU flips both Howard and Foster since that’s two of their most convented recruits… It’s gonna be epic when/if they do to see how many excuses the Turds will make up? Lil Spanky won’t know what to do if we flip them"

And finally, one Auburn fan says what we’ve thought all along…

"I’ve come to the conclusion that our fan base isn’t nearly as intelligent as I used to think"

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