The Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS Championship Game..."/> The Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS Championship Game..."/>

Alabama Crimson Tide In the Middle Of A Historic Run


The Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS Championship Game 42-14, and claimed their 15th National Title. In a game between two old money blue-bloods like ‘Bama and Notre Dame, each team boasting an elite and physical defense, it figured to be an intriguing matchup. On the first play of the game, Notre Dame stopped Eddy Lacy for a one-yard gain.

It was all downhill from there for the Irish.

Alabama proceeded to completely dismantle Notre Dame on both sides of the ball.  The fighting Irish were simply out-manned and outclassed by a great defense, and one of the best offensive lines in the history of college football. The first play of the second quarter was a one-yard touchdown run by T.J Yeldon that made the score 21-0. After that, the game was never in question.

The nation witnessed a level of dominance that is unmatched in the BCS era. Alabama is once again dominating the landscape of college football, and doing so playing in the most dominant football conference, the SEC. It is something the younger generation of ‘Bama fans (myself included) have only dreamed of until now.

Before Saban came to Alabama, younger fans craved to know the feeling of winning championships and achieving excellence. Certainly older generations of Bama fans knew excellence under Bryant, but even now, in the modern era of college football, Nick Saban has recalibrated our understanding of the word.

Now, the players, coaches, students, alumni, and fans fully understand what excellence is according to Saban: The relentless pursuit to exceed extraordinary standards by way of ‘The Process’; a blue-collar mentality of focusing on the journey rather than the destination. It is Saban’s proven formula for success.

There are but a few coaches who could possibly achieve success up to our ridiculous standards. But Saban is only one coach in the country who could not only live up to these outlandish expectations, but actually exceed them. He is the only one who could reach this level of dominance, and actually maintain it. The culture of excellence that Nick Saban has established at the University of Alabama is unlike anything I have seen in sports.

It amazes me to be able to say this, but even with back-to-back championships, as well as three championships in the last four years, this historic run that Alabama is on feels very unfinished. Alabama will be the odds on favorite to win the national championship next year with the personnel ‘Bama has coming back, including our two best leaders from our offense and defense — AJ McCarron and C.J. Mosley, respectively. The schedule lines up nicely for Bama next year, and the recruiting machine is not slowing down.

With that said, enjoy this victory, ‘Bama fans. Savor it, for this is a golden age in Alabama Football history. No need to look towards next season yet. Nick Saban is already doing that for us.

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