Auburn Football: Your Weekly Auburn Zen – Reuben Foster Edition


Auburn football has been through the wringer the last few months, and Monday was no different. The recruitment of Reuben Foster took its latest turn with the star linebacker heading for Tuscaloosa during what was supposed to be his official visit to Auburn. As you can expect, the Auburn message boards were all over it.

"The bammer rivals guy is saying that RF is in Tuscaloosa tonight after getting in a fight with Dismukes."

"Had a buddy text me freaking out about some BS rumor the bammers are running with. They’re claiming he left and went to turdtown after an incident with one of our players. God they are a sad, pathetic bunch."

"If this latest thing with RF is just another flipping scenario, I ask WHY does Bama do this to Auburn when GA is certainly more of a threat to them right now? What about LSU? What about A&M? These are the ones that they should fear, yet they will not leave Auburn alone. I think we better man up and quit sitting back like the “turn the other cheek kids” .Do not know how we actually stop this, but think we better have a few tactics up our sleeve."

"Tiger jax, I do think AU has a lot to be jealous of. Our fan base is made up of people that actually have an interest in the University rather than just the football team. We are just a different group. But what I do not understand is why do we sit back and never defend ourselves and never expose their dirt? I guess the answer to my silly question is the Media. I think it is time for our coaches and our athletic dept. to man up."

"They fear Auburn. They have always feared Auburn. Auburn won the first widely recognized National Championship in the state in 1957."

"This was planned by the enemy. Auburn people have imagined a different reason because we can’t deal with these setups."

"I think this is a Red Herring by bama to divert the PED and Deer antler attention. Like clockwork they must come up with something to divert the bad press on them."

"I hope and pray that Rueben is all AUBURN and does’nt let anybody change his mind. bama is a plantation school and the good ol’e days are still rolling for those 3 faced fools. their demise is coming …and the dirty tricks and scared feeling they have for AUBURN is going to die with the good ol’e boys that have been cheating . lying and faking championships to get dumb stupid bama freaks to buy bama mechandise…..have to fake and lie to sell their school colors. hahahaha ! and that is true."

"I heard Foster was recruiting for bama while on his official visit at AU and Dismukes went off on him. Not sure if theres any truth to it but if thats the case then we have no chance at all."

"I have been saying this to a lot of people I know. It’s gonna get real ugly for the bama football program, a lot of grief for the bama fans, and a bombardment of ugly news reports."

"Good luck wherever you end up Reuben. You aren’t as important as everyone has been telling you. The sooner you realize that the better off you’re going be."

"How can be we so nieve to think that what the coaches have told some others, that they still feel good about his recruitiment.? When a pllayer on his last visit is AU, decides to go to Tusc in the middle of the weekend, trust me, it is not to get ONE last party time with friends. can we still be so gullible. We went through this logic last year, trying to rationalize Yeldon, and saying that on signing day he would still be with us."

And then on Monday night, Foster once again committed to Alabama:

"Never heard him speak before. Good God he is dumb as a brick."

"Thank God it’s over. Now stick with your commitment this time please and keep your drama at the crapstone."

"I sort of hope he wakes up tomorrow with a lawn full of ‘flip flop shoes’, courtesy of the auburn students… Obviously, not a harmful prank, but IMO, a creative one.."

"He speaks Sabanese. He’ll pass every calls at bama with no sweat. He just became an instant qualifier also."

"Finally. Glad he’s going to bama. He’s a headcase, glad he won’t be a distraction on the team next year."

"Agreed. It would obviously be all about him if he came to Auburn. I’ll take Lawson and hopefully Adams anyday! What I’ve seen from them is they represent themselves better than rf anyway. As an Auburn alum, if you don’t want to be at Auburn, don’t come. Come if you love the tradition, the people, the school. Obviously, rf never did. He could have come in and been an immediate star at Auburn with Lawson and company. Maybe he makes it at Bama and if he does, then he’ll have a great career. but obviously, chances are he won’t qualify or eventually be replaced next year by ‘the next great linebacker recruit’ (aka brent calloway)"

"He dies appear to be dumb as a brick, but he was apparently smart enough to use the flip-flopping to get a better deal with the updykes."

"He seems like one very confused young man, looks like he has trouble making eye contact for very long. He does have real talent, but he is not in no way a polished LB. In the Ala/ Miss Allstar game he missed numerous tackles. trying to blow people up instead of wrapping up. I am sure Saban & company will teach him alot, but he could also be a bust if things dont go his way."

"Well going to spuat is not going to help his speech issues either, unless it is learning “roh tawd” or whatever that mumbo jumbo is."

"I hope he is the biggest flop in the history of football."

"well forget the fosters , move on to better things , what a case. hope they have those boxes packed their job is done in AUBURN…we have some recruits who are classy and truthful , wonder why his mom kept coming to the AUBURN campus ?"

"This is happening too often with strategic timing."

But at least Auburn fans are able to adjust and focus on what they really wanted in the first place:

"Lawson vs Foster? Don’t even think it close. Think it’s best for Auburn that Foster picked the Turds. Just by watching some film of both guys, think we definitely got the better of the two. WDE!"