Your Weekly Auburn Zen – Jay Jacobs Edition


It’s that time again, where we check in on the farm by taking a look at what they’re saying on the Auburn message boards. All the talk these days has to do with their


leader, Athletics Director Jay Jacobs.

"I’m sure Jay is a swell guy, but just being a good guy doesn’t cut it in the professional world. In any other profession, if an employee’s three biggest projects, accounts, cases, etc. were complete disasters, that employee would be shown the door. The three major sports at Auburn are cumulatively the worst they have ever been in my lifetime, and quite possibly in the history of Auburn athletics. I don’t understand why Jay gets to keep his job when he has caused a train wreck in what was at one time a respectable athletic program. Does he have compromising pictures of a majority of the BOT? Fire Jay Jacobs yesterday."

"3-27 – SEC record for the major men’s sports so far. Has any program ANYWHERE finished last in all sports in their conference? No worries though. JJ is a good Auburn man, the eagle files good, and we love us some Creed."

"Hate to say it, but there is a bammer website that keeps up with Auburn and apparently it is now more than 500 days since we have won an SEC football game, last time in October, 2011. Didn’t know that."

"Moore has been athletic directory since 1999. He hired Franny, Shula, Price. He led the turds to several NCAA probations in almost every sport. He’s lucky he still has a job even if it is just a puppet job. There may be an argument for Jacobs but lets not saintify Moore."

"You don’t have to “saintify” Moore to determine that he is a better AD than Jay Jacobs. Heck, the weird twitching middle left leg of the dead cockroach in my basement would make a better AD than Jay Jacobs."

"auburn will struggle under under armor in football and basketball, we will be the only team that would have won a championship wearing there brand. I dont see any one else winning it all in the near future from the ua camp, if we were to get back into a situation like 2004 i bet you we will be left out again. why, becuase nike is the espn of sports apparell,out of 14 members of the sec there are only two ua teams.Addias is ahead of ua IMO i think switching to nike or addias would pay huge dividens in auburn hoops."

"There is absolutely no reason he should still have a job with AU And if we are keeping him on board just so he can save face and retire with the RSA later this year our priorities are entirely wrong…. This mentality is what will keep AU from becoming competitive in all sports…"

"Phil Jackson? anybody think we could lure him out of retirement?"

"We should support JJ because he loves Auburn and is an Auburn man! I’m tired of these unoriginal posts and opinions!!! Jay Jacobs loves Auburn!!!"

Of course, as usual talk eventually turns not to their own program, but north to Tuscaloosa:

"bammer cheats on a massive scale and the NCAA Looks the other way. If they were not allowed to cheat they would just be an average team. See Mike Shula years."

"Shows you how pathetic of a program they really have that it takes cheating for them to win. That right there says it all. If they were as great as they claim to be they wouldn’t have to cheat. That’s all!"

"It does make sense. If Shula was the coach right now at ua, with all the cheating and top recruits, he’d be having about the same success as lil nicky."

"They became “great” due to massive cheating. They all know it and they all are complicit. Ever heard, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”! I have heard that from Bama fans my whole life (in Alabama). They know that they skirt the rules and it is OK by them. Everyone is on a level field (in their minds) and has equal opportunity to cheat. It is a part of the game and ingrained into their culture. It is who they are."

"I don’t really care if the media props them up since the media always has. I do care very much what happens when we play them. The media (or the refs) did not have anything to do with the humiliating beat downs that they put on us on the field in 2011 and 2012. At least Barfield’s teams showed some level of pride against spuat. Chizik’s 2011 and 2012 teams did not."

"To equate last year with any year in our history is a mistake. The last half of the season we were maybe the worst team in college football. Hell TAM could have scored 100 on us in a half and they beat bamer so why are they not the next dynasty. FL won two national chamipionships with Meyer and LSU has two with one coming from an idiot. I think this years game will go back to being more like 2009 were they are more talented but we will play hard and sound. Game will be close. The problem everyone is overlooking is that bamer has less SEC championships than national championships. If you don’t think that is crazy then you are off your rocker. They are winning the recruiting wars and therefore everyone says they have to be the best team out there. We have just as many undefeated seasons under Chizik as the midget has at bamer in one more year and we fired Chizik. Again they will be the only team in the nation who can lose a game this year and still finish ahead of some other unbeaten teams. Reality will be that if they only lose one this year it will be a little bit more convincing because I believe us, Ark and Miss will all be better. LSU and TAM will step back some but they still have Tenn and Kent on the other side which is a joke. Throw in a game with a vastly overrated Va tech team and you have a tougher schedule but still not near as tough as ours. I know you would have been bumping your chest after losing the SEC west but winning a MNC but you are just like the rest of the sidewalk alums. Most that played for them are not super proud of that one, like they are the other two. Anyway you can always just spend your time on their board if you want to follow their dynasty.."

"Here’s where I think bama could end up in a lot of trouble – my hunch is that their “compliance” staff is really more of a “cover up” staff. Oh sure, they report minor violations, just like all schools do. But I have a strong suspicion that when it comes to major violations, they either cover it up, or they do their best to ignore it. The Tom Albetar (T-Town Menswear) case was a really strange one. He was disassociated, which is normally what happens to boosters, but we never heard from alabammy as to whether he was ever a booster. Because, you know, if he HAD been a booster and was making money off of current players, well, that might lead to nasty things like vacating wins, vacating BCS titles, and gee, it could get complicated pretty quick."