University of Alabama Coaches Release Statements On The Passing Of Mal Moore


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After the shocking news of former player, coach and athletic director Mal Moore’s passing away, the University of Alabama released statements from the head coaches of Alabama sports regarding Coach Moore. As the head coaches of the University, they worked closely with Moore. The head coaches shared stories and sent condolences and thank-you’s in their statements. Here is a sample of some of the statements that were released by UA Saturday.

"“Mal was an outstanding leader in terms of all he did for Alabama athletics. Most importantly, he was a great friend to me and my family. Mal was the number one reason we decided to make the move to Tuscaloosa. There’s no question we have lost a great man today.” -Head football coach Nick Saban"

"“Mal’s passing is devastating to me and to everyone in the Crimson Tide family. I knew Mal for more than 30 years and I can’t imagine this athletics department without him. I will miss his amazing heart, his generous spirit and his unwavering integrity.” -Head gymnastics coach Sarah Patterson"

"“When he went up to the World Series last year and stood out in the rain with everybody else, it meant a lot to everyone in the program. Not just to that team but the kids on all 17 teams. We are really going to miss him.” -Head softball coach Patrick Murphy"

"“We are extremely saddened to hear the news of Coach Moore’s passing today. We are eternally grateful for all he has done for our family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his daughter, Heather, his grandchildren and extended family. He was a great man.” -Head men’s basketball coach Anthony Grant"

"“It’s a sad day for the entire Alabama family. Unlike anywhere else in the country, when you put on the jersey that says ‘Alabama’ across the chest, the pride and tradition starts at the top. There are so many people that have helped build that standard, but none bigger than Coach Moore.” -Head baseball coach Mitch Gaspard"

"“He loved golf and it is going to be tough not to have him out at the golf center, and not being able to get his input. His vision for our program and our facility is something that we will see every day going forward. The golf program is certainly going to miss him. Personally, Coach More gave me the opportunity to come to Alabama and have the success we have had with this program. I will forever be indebted to him for that.” -Head women’s golf coach Mic Potter"

"“I’ve spent my entire career working with college coaches around the country and hearing them sing the blues that their athletics directors were one-track football people, but Coach Moore wasn’t that way. He genuinely cared about the school and everyone associated with it. He cared about all the sports and you just felt like he was someone you wanted to work for.” -Head swimming & diving coach Dennis Pursley"

"“What I admired most about Coach Moore was his character, integrity and gracious heart. You often hear of a coach being called a players’ coach. Well he was a coaches’ athletic director. He always recognized our contributions and took care of everyone. He was very good to me personally when my father was sick. His true colors were revealed with his patience, support and love. He believed in me and our team, and for that, I am forever grateful.” -Head women’s tennis coach Jenny Mainz"

"“I am greatly saddened to hear that Coach Moore has passed away. He was instrumental in developing the rowing program and elevating it into a varsity sport. I am truly saddened that he will not be here to see one of his facilities, the women’s rowing boathouse, be completed. It is going to be a big step for our program. I give my condolences to his entire family. He is truly going to be missed.” -Head rowing coach Larry Davis"

You can read the full statements by each of the coaches here.

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