Your Weekly Auburn Zen – No-Huddle Edition


It’s a slow news month for college football, but what apparently isn’t slow are the practices on the Plains. the Gus Bus is in high gear, or so they say on the Auburn message boards. Here’s a quick look at what they’re saying about the high-octane Malzahn Express:

"We are about to see Malzahn unleashed. When talking about the speed wasn’t anywhere near what he’d like, it occurred to me that even when AU played fast in spurts ’09-11, we probably were still far below what he wants."

"I found Trovon’s comments rather interesting. He spilled the beans on what was speculated and rumored for years: Chizik throttled Gus both on the field and in practice. Now the beast is being unleashed."

"I expect a few growing pains early on. But by the end of the season I think our Tigers will be like a precision machine that’s been built and honed for slicing up opposing defenses. And I expect our defense will be better for having to line up and practice against it every day as well. Gonna be a fun ride."

"If our defense wants to rest, then they need to force the opposing offense to punt the ball."

"I’ll worry about Auburn playing too fast when I finally see it. And I haven’t seen it yet…ever, and I’ve been watching Auburn football since 1959. I’ve about convinced myself that just putting on the Auburn uniforms slows our players down. I can only hope and pray that the “Wimpster” is right and we finally field a fast offense for THE FIRST TIME EVER."

"I do believe Gus Malzahn will become one of the iconic figures in Auburn football history. I foresee a long and successful career for Gus at Auburn."

"at least we know the defense will be in shape. There is no reason for any other offense to be able to run our D off the field in a no huddle situation."

"i could see us running those “3-4 second” snaps about 5 plays in a row and on the 6th doing a fake snap count and having the entire d-line jump offsides for a nice penalty:)"

"The HUNH is the “new wishbone” and is taking football by storm right now. I have some friends who are HUNH and they have improved their varsity teams by a large margin. It’s just not something that defensive coaches want to have to deal with. And in OUR case, most coaches in the SEC don’t have to have to deal with it. You can’t really practice against it because it’s nearly impossible to duplicate. About the only thing that can slow down the HUNH is “overweight” SEC refs with their “ball placing tricks.” NOW, there’s a new thing going on in high school to slow down the HUNH, home teams have instructed their chain crews in high school to move slowly thereby allowing their defense to catch a breath. BUT, in the SEC the chain crew isn’t run by the home team, it’s run by the crew. SO, the only way for the HUNH to be slowed down is if the chain crews to “ACT” like they are having trouble and can’t get the chain moved in time."

"i fully expect saban/emmertt to make manditory changes to slow down Gus IF Auburn wins against bammersabanites this year."