Soapbox (Attacking Recruits Via Twitter): It’s Just Football


I thought that I had seen the worst of it when Landon Collins committed to Alabama over LSU but I was dead wrong. Yesterday when Cameron Robinson announced that he would coming to Tuscaloosa instead of Baton Rough, it broke loose again. I don’t know if it is social media becoming more and more accessible with each passing day or folks who just didn’t have a good up bringing.

You should have read some of the things these adults were saying to children. It was totally pathetic and some I won’t even repeat here. Those two kids were receiving tweets telling the get out of the state, never come back back and some were already wishing injuries on them. On the message boards, there were threads starting up all day long basically saying the same things over and over. However, that talk could have caused the number 1 player and a Top 100 WR to leave Louisiana. In a series of tweets from Cameron Sims to Cameron Robinson, Sims tweeted that “These LSU fans are crazy and that’s why we are leaving”. After Sims made the comment to Robinson about them being mad, Robinson responded with a tweet about collecting rings. They handled it well and never said anything out of line. They seem perfect for the Tide and held their composure. The problem I have with the whole situation is that they shouldn’t have had to keep their composure because it shouldn’t happen.

My mom and dad taught me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I try to live by that. Doesn’t always work but I try. I can say for sure that I have never attacked a high school kid on Twitter especially over his college education. I am sure there is no secret that I am a Bama fan. Jameis Winston from Hueytown had a phenomenal night with Florida State. He was also a target for the Crimson Tide. I sincerely hope he does well and would welcome him back to Alabama. This “not allowing kids back to the state” if they choose an out of state school is unreal. I have a recruit from my home town high school in New Hope, AL enrolled at and playing football for Auburn University. You are probably thinking this is where I tell him to never return to New Hope. Well I saw Jonathan Ford not long before he was supposed to report to Auburn and wished him the best of luck and told him that all of us here would be pulling for him. You know if you have state and home town pride, that is really not that hard to do.

So a short message to the football fans that do this: Stop It. It’s a pretty simple one. You have no idea how childish you look tweeting some of the things I read to these kids just because they did not pick your school. I promise that you will wake up tomorrow even though Cameron Robinson and Cameron Sims are leaving the state to come play at Alabama. You could possibly lose one or two more. Who knows. In the grand scheme of things , it’s really not that important. It’s just football. Enjoy it, have fun and if you can’t act like an adult, stay off Twitter and the message boards when these recruits commit to the school of their choice. That will affect THEIR lives, not yours.

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