Bulletin Board Material: Texas A&M Fans comment on Alabama Game


Alabama will take the field this weekend to face the Texas A&M Aggies. While Tide fans are up in arms wondering whether the big, bad NCAA will make us all pretend the last few seasons didn’t exist, Aggies fans are getting fired up to win two in a row against Alabama.

Long-time BamaHammer readers know we specialize in posting bulletin board material from our rivals; new visitors can search ‘Auburn Zen’ to get a taste. In that vein, we’ve scoured the Texas A&M message boards to find out what they have to say about the impending showdown, and present it here to get you fired up for a Tide victory.

"I want nothing more than for AJ McCarron and their fanbase to cry tears of anguish while the Ags dance on the grave of their back to back title hopes."

"fankly, i’ll be happy if we hold bama to 38, and a little down if we can’t be the first team to put 40 on bama since 07."

"Unless we implode on offense, then how the heck does anybody stop us?"

"A. J. WILL THROW THE DEEP BALL…on more than one occasion."

"And we will intercept the deep ball…on more than one occasion."

"I’m just going to say it: we score 40+ points against ‘Bama. In a win."

"Not saying Bama won’t score points, but I am looking at 21-24 for them. We won’t put up a bunch, but I would be shocked if we don’t average at least TD a quarter…"

"It’s fricking driving me crazy. Watching the Bama-LSU game here in College Station, everyone was rooting for Bama like it was A&M on the field. Seriously, you don’t have to root for LSU, but the bar shouldn’t explode when Bama scores a TD. I don’t give a shite about the Bear and all the ties they have to A&M. They are worst fanbase in the SEC and A&M fans need to stop slobbing their knobs. Our fans always seem to put their team on a pedestal and it needs to stop right now."

"We wont be punting !"

"When Johnny picks his nose, we’ll see it! When Johnny spits, we’ve got it on film! Can we MIC him up too?!!!"

"I think A&M runs away with it. The D just needs to hold on for a little while until their spirit is broken and Saban melts down to become even shorter."

"Maybe the 12th man should do the money sign every time the camera shows Johnny on the big screen?"

"I’m not sure what to think of our defense. Hopefully they can get enough stops to let the offense win this game for us."

"Cooper can spin it any way he wants. The fact that there was more A&M merchandise in the Bama weight room than at Lupot’s is a clear sign of the opposite."

"Guess who is defending bama and saying no big deal and nothing will come of this? Yep, finebaum the horrible. The same guy who convicted Manziel based on allegations with no proof. There are canceled checks that prove the bama player accepted money. But again, no biggie for finebaum as it is his baby bama."

"the anticipation is driving me crazy. I don’t know how I am going to make it through the week."

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