The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Colorado State


Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for a look into what people are saying about Alabama on Twitter this week. There were a lot of fantastic tweets from the 31-6 win over Colorado State. We’ve picked the best ones for your entertainment:

It’s better late than never. 4 weeks into the season and Bryant-Denny looks great…well, except for that little hole in the corner. I’ve already discussed that.

I’ve always been impressed by the formations of the band. Mainly because I’ve been there before. Band geek reporting.

Can’t tell if this a move out of respect or it’s a “in the zone” thing. You decide.

Oh I love good ol’ coach McElwain.

Yeah, Cade Foster’s first field goal of the season and he misses. He made another one later in the game.

As bad and wonderful a pun this is, many fans seemed very frustrated at the Crimson Tide’s performance.

The official game log has it like this: “Garrett Grayson pass complete to Garrett Grayson for a loss of 5 yards to the ColSt 35.” So, I don’t think a QBH is correct, but it was a TFL for Sunseri.

Kenyan Drake had himself a game last night, adding a 3-yard TD run.

Another stadium shot, this time with a sunset. Timeline was blowing up with these photos.

When you’ve played “I’ve Got A Feeling” over 30,000 times, might be time for a change in playlist.

Yeah, what was up with that stripe? I didn’t like it.

I hear this all the time and I get disturbed every time.

The team overall seemed very lackadaisical Saturday night. Can’t do that against Ole Miss next week.

This was tweeted shortly after the fumble in the 4th quarter. I say that because…well, context is everything.

Bad part is he’s right.


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