The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Ole Miss


Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for our weekly look into the world of Twitter and pick out the best tweets from fans, experts and personalities. This time, we look into Alabama’s 25-0 victory over Ole Miss. The tweets during and after the game from Ole Miss fans were somewhat absent, but we found some fantastic tweets that were very entertaining.

Well, here we are again on student attendance. Will this have any effect during the game? Stay tuned…

No kidding. The loudness of the stadium was certainly above what it’s been in the last 2-3 years, or so I’ve heard from Twitter. I was a good bit away from the stadium during the game and could hear the stadium yells even from afar.

Must have been near the student section then. I know that smell all too well.

A meteor actually. Many fans reported a seeing an object flying through the sky over BDS last night.

If the targeting rule is going to stay, then I want the refs to be ejected for throwing flags in people’s faces. That’s targeting. Speaking of which…

Second time Alabama has been tagged with a targeting penalty only to get it reversed on the ejection. Still the 15 yard penalty stands. Logic!

Oh Tim Brando, you’re bleeding blue and red.

Well, he said he was going to put points for the board, but didn’t specify for whom.

Taylor Hicks getting a shot a Bo Wallace.

Wow. Is that a still full student section? Not bad. I’m impressed.

I think that’s a fair description of the game.

Yeah, that’s weird. Lane Kiffin was the coach of Oakland Raiders and…well.

First mention of “butt” in a Saban Presser, I’m sure.

Good, now can we put this rumor to rest?

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