The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Tennessee


Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best parts of Tennessee week is the hate that is spread by Tide and Volunteer fans alike on social media. #TennesseeHateWeek and #AlabamaHateWeek were two very prominent hashtags that were used in the Twitterverse this week.

This all culminated until the kickoff of the game, where the Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Tennessee Volunteers for the seventh straight time. There were some much more awesome tweets during the game, so let’s take another look into the thoughts of experts, media members and fans:

I’m sure if cats could understand what Tennessee was, they would hate them too. Plus, their mascot is a dog. That’s got to be a dealbreaker for cats.

Looks like a giant orange pumpkin. And I don’t like pumpkins.

As one of the replies to this tweet said, at least he got his Tennessee hate on before he ran into the light pole.

Finished Tweet: “it was off.” Gotta make sure the Bryant-Denny is pretty for kickoff.

Ever since Nick Saban made a comment regarding the fans that leave before the game is over, much was made over the attendance of the players. Seems that was what most of the Alabama faithful wanted to focus on during the game. But it seemed that most of the students and fans alike stayed for the full four quarters of the game. A few of my other favorite attendance-related tweets:

Speaking of fans:

I like to think that the superfans are just what we all want to be. And that is my deep thought of the day.

From the beginning, it was all doom for Tennessee.

Speak truth, Simeon.

The Pride of the Southland was all but absent today for most of the game. Only heard Rocky Top 3 times.

Needs more red gummy bears.

The Tennessee fans were barking about some holding call, but I don’t think that would have helped them any in terms of winning the game. And a few bonus tweets to leave you with:

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