Another Saban and Texas Story


A poster on BamaOnline said a few days ago that a piece would come out soon concerning this and his sources said to not pay any attention to it. Looks like he was right. On top of that, he expects another one as well. Last night, another Texas & Saban story broke and it was not even anything new. It was still discussing the same phone call that allegedly happened back in January.

This one was different though. This is a story where Saban’s agent Jimmy Sexton says he is under “special pressure” at Alabama and Texas is the only place he would leave Bama for. Wait…we really don’t know if that happened either. What we do have is an email between two people saying that is what happened.  Think about the power struggle and the situation at Texas and ask yourself “Do you really think Saban would put up with all of that?” Dan Wolken said this last night on Twitter: The kind of place where big boosters send private info to FOIA-able email accounts is probably not somewhere Saban would want to work. Also, let’s not forget all of the extra headaches something like the Longhorn Network would put on him.

In the 60 Minutes piece the other night, Saban expressed regret in the way that he handled the situation with the Dolphins when he said “I will not be the coach at Alabama”. He has been quoted many times in the past few months as saying “I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere”. People that are in the know have said that there is 0% he leaves Alabama for Texas but yet we have to revisit this topic again.

When asked about the Texas rumors today, Coach Saban told Tom Rinaldi ,”Well I don’t know where these reports come from. I’ve sort of addressed the situation before. I’m totally committed to the University of Alabama, looking forward to the game we have this week and all my focus has been on LSU and what our team needs to do to play their best.”

We still have fans that buy these stories hook, line and sinker every time they come out. Media members pick it up and run with it every time as well. From reading different posts from folks that would know, I think Saban will finish out his career here at Alabama. However, I am sure it gets on his nerves every time one of these stories pops up and he has to go through the same thing once again. Could that be enough to make him call it quits just a bit earlier than planned? I don’t know but it probably doesn’t help.

My advice to Bama fellow Bama fans: Don’t believe everything that you read. Sit back and enjoy what is happening right now and when the time comes for Saban to move on whether it be another job that may come up or to retire, thank him for what he has accomplished in his time here and also for what he has accomplished for the University of Alabama as a whole.