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The Saturday Night Showdown was really “The Tale of Two Halves” and I am gonna take a look back at the plays, the drives and possibly throw a few comments that I missed from the game as well as add some defensive stats at the end of the post.

1st Quarter

Alabama Drive

  • The possession for the Tide started at their own 10. It started off with 2 great rushes from scrimmage from T.J. Yeldon with back to back runs of 13 and 18 yards.
  • McCarron completed a pass to Kevin Noorwood for 8 yards to the our own 39.
  • Followed that up with an incomplete pass to Kevin Norwood. then a rush for 1 by Yeldon and incomplete pass from Yeldon to force the punt.

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 6 plays 30 yards, 02:53 ALABAMA PUNT

LSU Drive

  • LSU’s opening drive for the night started at their own 14. A Jeremy Hill rush went for 5 yards and then Mettenberger connected with Hill for a 4 yard reception.
  • Hill then rushed for 2 to gain the first down but lost 1 on the next play.
  • With 2nd and 11 from the LSU 24, Mettenberger connected on one of his long passes to Jarvis Landry to put the ball on the Bama 31.
  • Terrence Macgee then rips three rushes in a row off for a total of 28 yards/
  • The next play was the forced fumble on J.C. Copeland from Tana Patrick with Landon Collins on the recovery.

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 9 plays 85 yards, 03:56 LSU FUMB

2nd Alabama Drive

Alabama’s offense had some trouble getting some things to work in the early part of the first half.

  • Yeldon started off the drive with a rush for 5 yards. On the next possession, McCarron completed a pass to Christion Jones for no gain.
  • One more pass completion from McCarron to DeAndrew White for 4 yards.
  • A Cody Mandell punt of 43 yards was called a fair catch by Odell Beckham at LSU’s 38

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 3 plays 9 yards, 02:05 ALABAMA PUNT

2nd LSU Drive

  • LSU opened up this series with a sack on Mettenberger by Trey DePriest for a loss of 6 yards.
  • 5 yard penalty followed by a Trey DePriest recovered fumble

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 2 plays -11 yards, 01:10 LSU FUMB

3rd Alabama Drive

  • 2 pass incompletions by McCarron on first and second downs. T.J. Yeldon’s 3 yard rush on 2nd down was bookended by those.
  • Cody Mandell makes a 41 yard field goal to give Bama the 3-0 lead.

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 4 plays 3 yards, 01:02 ALABAMA FG

3rd LSU Drive

  • Starting from their own 47 yard line, Jeremy Hill starts off this drive by rushing for 4 yards on 1st down and 3 yards on 2nd down.
  • Mettenberger completed a 17 yard pass to Odell Beckham, taking the ball down to the Alabama 33.
  • Terrence Macgee followed that completion with 2 runs on 1st and 2nd down for 1 yard each.
  • Mettenberger completes one to Jarvis Landry for 15 yards to the Alabama 16 and followed that one with a Hill rush for 13 yards down to the Alabama 3 yard line.

End of 1st Quarter

  • Jeremy Hill puts in the end zone from 3 yards out to start the second quarter. PAT is good and it makes the score 7-3 with LSU leading.

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 8 plays 57 yards, 03:58 LSU TD

I know at this point, I started getting concerned with our secondary and the way that Mettenberger was playing. He was hitting his big time receivers and it seemed at the time we would have trouble out of the trio of Mettenberger, Landry and Beckham for the rest of the night. We had an opportunity with the fumble by Copeland on our own goal line but could only get 3 out of the drive.

4th Alabama Drive

  • It was time to see some Kenyan Drake in the game and as always, he did not disappoint. Great one-two punch from Yeldon and Drake and they both something different to the offense.
  • Drake rushed for 16 yards on his first play of the game. McCarron had to take a sack on the next play from scrimmage and lost 8 yards.
  • McCarron then hits Drake for a 10 yard completion and the Rashard Robinson was hit with a pass interference on the next play, giving Alabama a first down at Bama’s 48.
  • On the next play from scrimmage, McCarron connected on a short pass over the middle to O.J. Howard for the 52 yard touchdown reception. PAT was good and Bama led LSU 10-7

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 4 plays 78 yards, 02:21 ALABAMA TD

4th LSU Drive

  • Mettenberger connected with Hill for 23 yard catch down to the LSU 48. Hill rushes for 5 yards on the next play.
  • Terrence Macgee then lost 3 yards and following a Mettenberger incomplete pass, LSU was forced to punt.

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 4 plays 25 yards, 02:00 LSU PUNT

5th Alabama Drive

  • Starting from their own 20 after the touchback on the punt, Amari Cooper hauls in a 12 yard catch.
  • Kenyan Drake then ran for 15 yards and McCarron completed a pass on the next play to DeAndrew White for 13 yards.
  • After a 1 yard rush by Drake. Amari Cooper takes the ball down to the LSU 18 off of a 21 yard reception.
  • Drake rushes on the next 3 possessions for 9, no gain and then 2 yards to give Alabama 1st and Goal at the LSU 7.
  • The next play Yeldon lost 2 yards but McCarron connected with Norwood in the end zone for the touchdown on the next one. PAT good. Bama leads 17-7

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 10 plays 80 yards, 05:18 ALABAMA TD

5th LSU Drive

  • The first two plays of this series were 2 rushing plays. One from Mettenberger that went for 3 yards and one from Macgee for 1 yard.
  • Mettenberger and LSU converted on a 3rd and 6 with a 28 yard completion to Kadron Boone and took the Tigers down to the Bama 43 and then followed that up with another for 16 yards taking the ball down to Bama’s 27.
  • Next play from scrimmage was an incomplete pass but he connects with Alfred Blue for 4 yards
  • A completed pass to Landry for 15 yards gave the Tigers a 1st and Goal from the Bama 8 yard line.
  • A pass to Beckham was incomplete, Hill rushes for 2 yards and then Mettenberger connects with Travin Dural for a 6 yd touchdown reception. PAT good. Bama leads 17-14

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 10 plays 75 yards, 04:34 LSU TD

6th Alabama Drive

Yeldon had one rush for one yard before the Tide became content and headed into the locker room with the 17-14 lead. If Saban would have decided to use his timeouts on that last LSU drive, Alabama may have had the time to at least add a field goal to the board. At the time, I thought it would have been some great momentum heading into the locker room to add one more score. Hindsight’s 20/20 and I guess that is why I am not paid to make the big bucks on the side lines.

3rd Quarter

6th LSU Drive

  • LSU started from their own 26 to start the half.
  • Mettenberger gets off to a great start by completing a 22 yard pass to Dillon Gordon.
  • Jeremy Hill rushed for 5 yards and Alabama’s Ed Stinson was called for a face mask penalty.
  • Terrence Macgee runs consecutive rushing plays for 2 and 1 yard.
  • Mettenberger connects with Landry but came up on short on the 3rd down try and they settle for the 41 yarder from the leg of Colby Delahoussaye. Tie game at 17

 DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 6 plays 50 yards, 02:59 LSU FG

7th Alabama Drive

  • Starts at the Alabama 21. T.J. Yeldon starts the series with 2 rushes for 7 and 5 yards. McCarron scrambles on the next one for 2 yards.
  • Yeldon adds another 7 yards and then comes up a bit short on the 3rd down conversion, losing one yard. This is where Bama called the timeout and set up the fake punt.
  • Jarrick Williams ran for 6 yards to give the Tide a new set of downs.
  • Yeldon adds rushes for 4 and 2 and then McCarron completes a 13 yard pass to Amari Cooper down to the LSU 34.
  • Incomplete pass from McCarron to DeAndrew White on 1st down.
  • Yeldon rushes for 22 yards down to the LSU 12.
  • Kenyan Drake adds rushes for 7 and 1 before Yeldon punches it in from 4 yards out. PAT Good. Bama leads 24-17

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 14 plays 79 yards, 07:50 ALABAMA TD

7th LSU Drive

  • LSU starts at their own 25. Mettenberger completes a 10 yard pass to Landry.
  • Jeremy Hill adds rushes for 5 and 1 yards on the next plays.
  • Over the next two plays, Mettenberger completes passes to Beckham for 9 yards and Terrence Macgee for 2 yards.
  • Kenny Hilliard runs for 1 yard and Mettenberger throws an incomplete pass to Landry which was broken up by Belue. LSU forced to punt.

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 7 plays 26 yards, 03:56 LSU PUNT

8th Alabama Drive

  • McCarron scrambles for 4 yards and Tahj Jones gets hit with a 15 yard penalty for a late hit
  • McCarron goes for the home run on the flea flicker to Kenny Bell but overthrows him.
  • He hits Kevin Norwood for an 8 yard completion down to the LSU 43.
  • Yeldon then runs the ball on 3 consecutive plays for 2, 4, and 10 yards. McCarron then completes a pass to him for 13 yards.
  • 2 rushes from Yeldon for 9 yards including an illegal formation penalty on one of them. Yeldon punches it in from one yard out for the touchdown. PAT good. 31-17 Bama leads

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 10 plays 71 yards, 04:44 ALABAMA TD

8th LSU Drive

  • Bama forces a 3 and out on LSU for the next series.
  • Hill loses 3 yards on the first play of the series.
  • Mettenberger’s pass is incomplete to Landry and broken up by Landon Collins
  • He throws another incomplete pass and then misses Landry on 4th down

DRIVE TOTALS: LSU drive: 4 plays -3 yards, 01:21 LSU DOWNS

9th Alabama Drive

  • Drive starts at the Bama 22. Yeldon gets things started with a 2 yard rush.
  • McCarron completes a 12 yard pass to Kevin Norwood and LSU is penalized 15 yards on a personal foul from Craig Loston.
  • Drake rushes for 3 and 11 yards on the next two plays and LSU is hit with a 15 yard face mask penalty.
  • Yeldon rushes on the next 3 plays for 14, 1,  and 2. McCarron connects with Jalston Fowler on the 3 yard TD catch. PAT good. Bama leads 38-17

DRIVE TOTALS: ALABAMA drive: 8 plays 78 yards, 05:00 ALABAMA TD

9th LSU Drive

  • Drive starts at the LSU 39. Mettenberger hits Hill for a 20 yard completion and follows that up with no rushing yards on the next play.
  • Mettenberger is sacked by Jeoffrey Pagan for a 7 yard loss
  • Mettenberger sacked by Cyrus Jones for a 10 yard loss.
  • Mettneberger sacked by Adrian Hubbard for a 9 yard loss. Turn over on downs.
                                     LS       UA
FIRST DOWNS...................       16       25
RUSHES-YARDS (NET)............    31-43   42-193
PASSING YDS (NET).............      241      179
Passes Att-Comp-Int...........  23-16-0  20-14-0
TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS.....   54-284   62-372
Fumble Returns-Yards..........      0-0      1-5
Punt Returns-Yards............      1-8      0-0
Kickoff Returns-Yards.........    4-174     4-83
Interception Returns-Yards....      0-0      0-0
Punts (Number-Avg)............   2-37.5   2-43.5
Fumbles-Lost..................      2-2      0-0
Penalties-Yards...............     7-73     4-35
Possession Time...............    26:09    33:51
Third-Down Conversions........  7 of 12  5 of 10
Fourth-Down Conversions.......   0 of 2   1 of 1
Red-Zone Scores-Chances.......      2-4      4-4
Sacks By: Number-Yards........      1-8     4-32
RUSHING: LSU-Jeremy Hill 13-42; Terrence Magee 9-31; Kenny Hilliard 1-1;
TEAM 1-0; J.C. Copeland 1-minus 2; Z. Mettenberger 6-minus 29. Alabama-T.J.
Yeldon 25-133; Kenyan Drake 10-65; J. Williams 1-6; AJ McCarron 3-minus 2; TEAM
3-minus 9.

PASSING: LSU-Z. Mettenberger 16-23-0-241. Alabama-AJ McCarron

RECEIVING: LSU-Jarvis Landry 5-90; Jeremy Hill 3-47; Odell Beckham 3-42;
Kadron Boone 1-28; Dillon Gordon 1-22; Travin Dural 1-6; Alfred Blue 1-4;
Terrence Magee 1-2. Alabama-Kevin Norwood 4-38; Amari Cooper 3-46; DeAndrew
White 2-17; O.J. Howard 1-52; T.J. Yeldon 1-13; Kenyan Drake 1-10; Jalston
Fowler 1-3; Christion Jones 1-0.

INTERCEPTIONS: LSU-None. Alabama-None.

FUMBLES: LSU-TEAM 1-1; J.C. Copeland 1-1. Alabama-None.

SACKS (UA-A): LSU-Jermauria Rasco 1-0. Alabama-Trey DePriest 1-0;
Jeoffrey Pagan 1-0; Cyrus Jones 1-0; Adrian Hubbard 1-0.

TACKLES (UA-A): LSU-Lamin Barrow 3-8; Jalen Mills 6-3; D.J. Welter 3-6;
Corey Thompson 4-4; Ego Ferguson 1-6; Craig Loston 3-2; Kwon Alexander 3-1;
Jermauria Rasco 2-2; Danielle Hunter 1-2; T. White 2-0; Anthony Johnson 0-2;
Ronald Martin 1-0; Duke Riley 1-0; Terrence Magee 1-0; Jalen Collins 1-0; James
Wright 1-0; Tahj Jones 1-0; C. LaCouture 0-1; Lamar Louis 0-1. Alabama-C.J.
Mosley 7-5; Trey Depriest 4-2; Cyrus Jones 5-0; H. Clinton-Dix 3-2; Deion Belue
4-0; Ed Stinson 2-2; Landon Collins 2-2; J. Williams 3-0; Brandon Ivory 2-1;
Jeoffrey Pagan 1-2; Denzel Devall 1-2; Adrian Hubbard 1-1; Christion Jones 1-0;
Tana Patrick 1-0; Reggie Ragland 1-0; Xzavier Dickson 0-1.