The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. LSU


Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

You got to admit, that’s a much better walkout idea then playing Thunderstruck every week.

For a game that’s been covered by national media since 2007. that’s a lot of credentials.

A Two-time National Champion only deserves the best.

Another CBS game, another opportunity to snipe at Gary and Verne.

Many fans were tweeting that the Bryant-Denny Stadium was the loudest it’s been in a while. Apparently it was so loud, the press box was shaking during Dixieland Delight.

Targeting is probably the most debated rule in the modern era of college football. It will be quite debated during the offseason.

After the 4-sacks-in-a-row from LSU’s last drive, it was kind of pathetic so see Mettenberger dragging himself to the sidelines. Unnecessary risk.

Can we please look more closely at that hug and consider it to be the oddest thing we’ve ever seen Nick Saban do?

Also something Saban doesn’t do often.

Why isn’t McCarron getting the Heisman love he deserves? I really don’t understand. Somebody explain.

CJ Mosley is a beast…but he can’t catch an interception to save his life.

Well said.

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