LSU Fans Have Been Totally Processed (Screenshots) | HZT Blog


Some of these screenshots have strong language in them. Just know they are NSFW. You can click on the screenshots to enlarge them.

I know most everyone considers Auburn our little brother. In my honest opinion, there has been another fan base in the SEC West that has been processed and it’s not Auburn; It’s a majority of the LSU fan base. And the meltdowns of late have been spectacular and glorious. Things really started heating up in 2011 when we got the chance to play them again for the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans. I heard about how we had no chance in that game at all. Our slow linebackers would give us problems all night long were one of the excuses. There were so many that I have forgotten most. And then, the game kicked off. Jordan Jefferson looked like a deer in the headlights for the whole night and LSU only crossed the 50 yard line one time. Total domination. That one took a while to get over them. Heck, it’s still being talked about on message boards now as evident by this post that always seems to make it’s way around from this same guy. The one right below that has been rather mad since the BCS Selection Show where Alabama was selected to play in the Title game besides Oklahoma State. Also like the older man in the second post and his new way how to spell Saban. So creative!

But wait… there is more. So much more!

This one has been mad since… yeah, you guessed it. Right around the last of the 2011 season. You would really enjoy his other posts. His favorite word is delusional.

Believe it or not, I still have a few screenshots to show you. If there is an SEC schedule conspiracy thread, you are sure to find this next guy in there before the thread gets going.

This next processed LSU fan needs a little back story. 247 Sports Kipp Adams was the first one to break the story that Cameron Robinson was going to announce soon. Some of their fan base believed that 247 and Kipp orchestrated this as a way to push Cam to commit to Bama. Yeah, I know. I’ll wait till you stop laughing.

This screenshot was a few weeks later when some of those same members would attack Kipp on their board anytime he posted, even when he was just doing his job. It did provide for hours upon hours of entertainment.

These are just a few of the ones that always stick out to me. I am sure if you look around, you will find some on your own too. These people believe that the SEC Scheduling Office is out to get them. They believe if a high school kid was born in Louisiana, he is required to play football for their LSU Tigers and “Rep The Boot”. If he doesn’t pick LSU, you can sure bet that there will be some sick comments from them to these kids. When they can’t concentrate on the kids that decide to attend school elsewhere, they use their time to add fuel to the fire to the Saban to Texas rumors. Yes, including the owners of websites. I always sit back and laugh at them and remember how wrong they usually are. The two below have been saying Saban was going to Texas for I believe 3 years. Here is the shocker: They have been wrong each time. With 247 Sports owner making a weekly post that there is nothing to the rumors, I can tell they are going to be wrong again. New AD at Texas Mack Brown? Fail.

And this is just a small sample of the mentality of the LSU fan base as of right now. It could change and I expect it to when Saban finally retires or takes another shot at a another job (don’t see that one happening). They can all look back at these rock solid predictions and know that they got them right. Insert big grin from me here. At least there was a feel good message left for them all to read right after the Alabama/LSU game this past weekend. I sincerely hoped it helped them feel better because I know after I was told about it, it made my night and I got quite a few of laughs from it.

Relax and enjoy it Bama fans. We are in the middle of something special and it’s not stopped yet. Rivals reporter D.C. Reeves tweeted a few tweets today that made me realize this even more. This weekend will be the 51st time we are the favorite in the game and that streak has not been accomplished since 1985. The last time we were not favored was in the 2009 SEC Championship game. We have outscored opponents in those games 1864-551. It won’t last forever but The Process is still rolling strong as of now and it’s affected other fan bases as well.