The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Mississippi State


Credit: Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, the irony. During Mississippi State games, my timeline is always filled with many tweets filled with the angst of cowbells, “CLANGA” and, well, colorful descriptions of the metal-on-metal sounds of Davis-Wade stadium:

Probably the best description of cowbells I have ever heard. But that wasn’t the only thing “driving” Bama fans nuts:

There hasn’t been a meltdown like this since about a month ago, when many DirectTV customers were blacked out for 10 minutes on ESPN during the Alabama/Kentucky game.

I would like to meet these “some people” that call AJ a “game manager.” Oh, those people are at ESPN? Ok, just checking.

Indeed. The ratings for that game would be quite low. There was a lot of discontent from Bama Fans on the performance of the game.

There were some surprising hits, though. You know, like this one:

Seems the officials were not in the best shape to be making calls. Even the replay booth missed an faux interception that, after closer look, should have been overturned.

Ball cam is next. Gonna make everyone sick watching it.

How does Todd not visit the same place over again? But it’s true: Starkville doesn’t have much to offer in terms of local cuisine. Been there twice, ended up eating the Student Union Building

And a few more bonus tweets for you:

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