Houndztooth Highlights: Week 11 in the NFL


Cardinals(6-4) CB Javier Arenas vs. Jaguars(1-9): Reserve; no stats recorded
Season: 5 tackles(5 solo) and 10 kick returns for 223 yards(22.3 yard AVG)

Bucs(2-8) S Mark Barron vs. Falcons(2-8): Starter; 5 tackles(5 solo), 1 fumble recovered, and 1 pass defensed
Season: 65 tackles(53 solo), 2 TFLs, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery, 6 passes defensed, 2 INTs, and 2 QB hits

Seahawks(10-1) OG James Carpenter vs. Vikings(2-8): Starter at LG for a 93 yard rushing attack, but gave up only 1 sack in the passing game.
Season: Individual Stats N/A

Colts(7-3) DT Josh Chapman vs. Titans(4-6): Reserve; Inactive
Season: 7 tackles(4 solo)

Ravens(4-6) DT Terrence Cody vs. Bears(6-4): Reserve; 1 tackle(1 solo)
Season: 5 tackles(4 solo) and 1 TFL

Bills(4-7) DT Marcell Dareus vs. Jets(5-5): Starter; 3 tackles(2 solo), 1 pass defensed, and 1 QB hit
Season: 50 tackles(33 solo), 2 passes defensed, 5 TFLs, 5 sacks, and 7 QB hits

Jaguars(1-8) DE Brandon Deaderick vs. Cardinals(6-4): Reserve; no stats recorded
Season: 7 tackles(5 solo), a forced fumble , .5 sack, and a 1 pass defended

49ers(6-4) DL Quinton Dial vs. Saints(8-2):Reserve; no stats recorded
Season: 1 tackle(1 solo)

Chargers(4-6) RT DJ Fluker vs. Dolphins(5-5):Starter at LT for a rushing attack that managed 154 yards, but gave up 3 sacks as a unit.
Season: Individual stats N/A

Bengals(7-4) DE Wallace Gilberry vs. Browns(4-6): Reserve; 3 tackles(1 solo), 1 TFL, 1 sack, and 1 QB hit
Season: 19 tackles(15 solo), 4 TFLs, 5 sacks, and 6 QB hits

Saints(8-2) S Roman Harper vs. 49ers(6-4): Starter; Inactive
Season: 9 tackles(8 solo), 1 INT, 1 pass defensed, and 1 fumble recovery

Patriots(7-3) LB Dont’a Hightower vs. Panthers(7-3): Starter; 4 tackles(3 solo)
Season: 55 tackles(29 solo), 3 TFLs, 1 sack, 1 pass defensed, and 3 QB hits

Saints(8-2) RB Mark Ingram vs. 49ers(6-4): Reserve; 6 carries for 25 yards(4.2 YPC) and 1 catch for 4 yards(4 YPC)
Season: 41 carries for 220 yards(5.36 YPC), 1 rushing TD, and 3 catches for 19 yards(6.33 YPC)

Texans(2-8) CB Kareem Jackson vs. Raiders(4-6): Starter; Inactive
Season: 36 tackles(33 solo), 1 fumble recovery and 4 passes defensed

Chargers(4-6) LB Jarret Johnson vs. Dolphins(5-5): Starter; Inactive
Season: 23 tackles(14 solo), 4 TFLs, 4 sacks, 1 pass defensed, and 4 QB hits

Cardinals(6-4) S Rashad Johnson vs. Jaguars(1-9): Reserve; 5 tackles(5 solo)
Season: 28 tackles(28 solo), 3 passes defensed, and 2 INTs

Chiefs(9-1) LB Nico Johnson vs. Broncos(9-1): Reserve; Inactive
Season: N/A

Rams(4-6) OG Barrett Jones vs. N/A: Bye Week
Season: Individual Stats N/A

Bengals(7-4) CB Dre Kirkpatrick vs. Browns(4-6): Reserve; 2 tackles(2 solo), 1 TFL, 1 sack, 1 pass defensed, and 1 QB hit.
Season: 8 tackles(7 solo), 1 TFL, 1 sack, 1 QB hit, and 2 passes defensed

Packers(5-5) RB Eddie Lacy vs. Giants(4-6): Starter; 14 carries for 27 yards(1.9 YPC) 1 rushing TD, and 2 catches for 21 yards(10.5 YPC)
Season: 172 carries for 696 yards(4.04 YPC), a fumble lost, 5 rushing TDs, and 16 catches for 110 yards(6.87 YPC)

Panthers(7-3) S Robert Lester vs. Patriots(7-3): Reserve; 3 tackles(2 solo), a pass defensed, and 1 INT
Season: 16 tackles(12 solo), 3 pass defensed, 1 fumble recovery, and 3 INTs

Eagles(6-5) RG Evan Mathis vs. Redskins(3-7): Starter at RG for a rushing attack that amassed 126 yards rushing, but apart of an OL unit that surrendered 3 sacks.
Season: Individual Stats N/A

Chargers(4-6) FB Le’Ron McClain vs. Dolphins(5-5): Starter; no stats recorded
Season:8 carries for 25 yards(3.12 YPC) and 2 catches for 6 yards(3 YPC)

Jets(5-5) CB Dee Milliner vs. Bills(4-7): Starter; 8 tackles(8 solo), 1 TFL, and 1 pass defensed
Season: 26 tackles(22 solo), 1 TFL, and 1 pass defensed

Colts(7-3) RB Trent Richardson vs. Titans(4-6): Starter; 8 carries for 22 yards(2.8 YPC) and 5 catches for 31 yards(6.2 YPC)
Season: 127 carries for 377 yards(2.96 YPC), a fumble lost, 2 rushing TDs, and 19 catches for 167 yards(8.78 YPC)

Eagles(6-5) LB DeMeco Ryans vs. Redskins(3-7): Starter; 7 tackles(5 solo)
Season: 97 tackles(77 solo), 5 TFLs, 2 sacks, 4 passes defensed, 2 INTs and 2 QB hits

Jaguars(1-9) LS Carson Tinker vs. Cardinals(6-4): Starter; 1 field goal snap, 2 XP snaps, and 8 punt snaps
Season: Individual stats N/A

Bengals(7-4) RT Andre Smith vs. Browns(4-6): Starter at RT for an offense that had 106 yards rushing and gave up zero sacks.
Season: Individual Stats N/A

Eagles(6-5) DE Damion Square vs. Redskins(3-7): Reserve; no stats recorded
Season: 1 tackles(1 solo), 1 TFL, and 2 pass defensed

Ravens(4-6) LB Courtney Upshaw vs. Bears(6-4): Co-Starter; 1 tackle(1 solo)
Season: 21 tackles(15 solo) , 2 TFL , 1 QB Sack, 1 QB hit, and 1 pass defensed

Titans(4-6) RG Chance Warmack vs. Colts(7-3): Starter at RG for a rushing attack that gained 122 yards on the ground, and apart of an OL unit that gave up just 2 sacks.
Season: Individual Stats N/A

Injured Reserve

Julio Jones, WR, Falcons(October 10th, Broken foot)
Mike Johnson, OL, Falcons (August 9th, Broken fibula and dislocated ankle)
Mike Williams, TE, Lions(August 31st, Broken Hand)
Jesse Williams, DL, Seahawks(August 26th, Knees)

Practice Squad

Greg McElroy, QB, Bengals