The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Auburn (Special Reaction Edition)


Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout this season, we have brought you the best reactions from Twitter on Alabama’s games this season. A lot of been funny, some very sad and many that were quite surprising. Yes, Twitter is really the best place to gauge reactions when big moments happen in the world and College Football is no exception. So, when Auburn ran back 109-yards (unofficially) to the other endzone on a short 57-yard field goal attempt by a backup kicker in what is more than likely the best play ever in the history of college football, Twitter exploded.

Sure, Alabama ended up on the wrong end of the score. But the great thing about Twitter is that you get all kinds of perspective. So today, we will be dedicating today’s Twitter post to the reactions at the end of the game.

But first, I’d like to note this thing that will be overlooked because of the craziness of the ending:

This is a thing that exists. I’m sorry Auburn, good for you that you won, but no other team in Division I football (or maybe any other team ever) has a seamstress on the sidelines DURING the game. You’re gonna make it easy to make jokes next year during Auburn Hate Week.

I love how Breaking Bad is already gone and we are still making Breaking Bad Jokes.

Takeaway from the game: Our Editor is a prophet.

A bunch of so-called “fans” did the unthinkable and started sending death threats to Cade Foster’s twitter account. As I said on my personal account:

Enough said.

AJ McCarron’s regular season has ended. He’s got one more game left in the bowl game. A two-time national champion quarterback is not something that you shake your head at.

Can we just take a moment to realize that these two teams were some of the worst in the SEC last year and are now contending for the conference championship? More so, that Missouri made the championship game before Texas A&M?

Bear’s wisdom carries on today, even 100 years after his birth.

Oh Lord, I don’t even want to tune in cause it might as well be a presidential town hall debate, yelling incessantly with no facts.

Wait, Hawaii, Alaska and North Dakota were all against us? I didn’t know we were hated so much.

And now, the last few miscellaneous reactions from Twitter:

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