Your Nick Saban To Texas Rumor Tracker


Nov 9, 2013; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban in front of his team as they prepare to take the field against the LSU Tigers at Bryant-Denny Stadium. John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors abound regarding Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban’s future. The scuttlebutt that Saban was on the verge of leaving Alabama to take over for Mack Brown with the Texas Longhorns has reached a fever pitch of late.

Even this site has gotten in on the act, reporting that Saban has agreed to a deal to remain with Alabama (we’re sticking with this, despite the blowback). So in the interest of giving us something to talk about until a deal is formally announced, we’ve decided to become your one-stop shop for all the Nick Saban rumor-mongering you can stand.

Keep coming back; we’ll keep this post updated with the wackiest conspiracy theories we can find until an announcement is made.

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Update: And now it can be told. Nick Saban has signed an extension with Alabama to remain on as head coach. We told you all along.

McCarron says Saban ‘happy where he is’

No less an authority than AJ McCarron has weighed in.

Recruit’s Dad says Saban “firmly committed” to Alabama

He’s out recruiting, people. The only documents he’s interested in signing right now are scholarship offers.

Saban has contract on his desk

Since Friday, according to the reports.

Flight tracking continues

Now the Allease plane is heading back from Austin. Does the Tuscaloosa airport even have anyone working there anymore?

Saban getting curbside check-in

Okay, even we’re starting to think this is getting ridiculous…

Awright awright awright…

So that house we noted down below that the Sabans bought in Austin? Yeah, that’s actually actor Matthew McConaughey’s house…

Two people spoke; therefore, Saban is gone

"Hello all. First off, I am not an employee with the University of Alabama. My brother, however, is an employee at an SEC school and he is currently in New York. Last night he was texting me that the UA Athletic Director seemed to be in a panic going and talking to several individuals before finding Mack Brown and talking to him for almost an hour. He said the chatter there was that Nick Saban was going to take the Texas head coaching job once Mack is removed. He sent me this picture:"

I think we can all agree that the big question is, what’s  up with the knife sitting on the edge on the bar? Is that meant for Mack Brown’s back?

Saban is Multitasking

How does he have time to do all this recruiting when he’s busy interviewing for the Texas job?

Detroit Free Press notes parallels in Saban leaving MSU for LSU

Cause, you know, airplanes.

Texas Board of Regents to discuss employment of UT President

A meeting of the Board of Regents is called for December 12th. First order of business is likely voting on lunch plans. But the Longhorn’s board is discussing their president’s job! What else could it possibly be related to? Huh?

Saban visits recruit in Kentucky

But recruiting for which team, Saban?! WHICH TEAM!!

Mack Brown to announce his retirement this week

This message board thread was started last week. So, you know, take it for what it’s worth.


"Bama Brown has information from a reliable source that Alabama head coach Nick Saban has closed on a house in Lakeway, further affirming rumors that he will replace Mack Brown as head coach of the UT Longhorns!!!"

Not for nothing, Saban’s wife Terry is a Realtor and has closed on homes in Austin, according to some commentors.

UT Message board tracking flights

Apparently a flight from Tuscaloosa to Austin took place Monday morning. The call sign for the plane, N323P, is reportedly a reference to Bear Bryant’s 323 victories. The plane is registered to Allease, Inc., which shares an address with Bryant Bank, whose chairman is one Paul W. Bryant, Jr.

ZOMG Saban’s buying up all the land in Texas!

In breaking news from 2012, some investments Nick Saban made in Texas went under. Also, Miss Terry has an LLC that bought some land. Breaking news: wealthy people often invest in land.