What is Going On With Saban?


Well if you believe Coach Saban and his wife Terry, absolutely nothing at all. It doesn’t stop the rumors from coming. That is for sure.

Back in November, reports came out that Saban’s agent Jimmy Sexton was reportedly contacted by one of the Texas Board of Regent Members and one former member. It occurred two days after the BCS Championship game with Notre Dame and its purpose was to gauge his interest in the Texas job according to Associated Reports. When asked about those reports by Tuscaloosa News reporter Cecil Hurt, Saban said “Nothing went on that I know of. I don’t know about any of this stuff. I haven’t talked to anybody about that particular situation. They have a coach there.”

As the cheers got louder from the audience at his radio show, he added “Every year it’s something. Last year it was the Cleveland Browns. The year before that it was somebody else, the NFL. Terry and I are very happy here in Tuscaloosa. We really love the University of Alabama. We really feel like a part of the community here and we have a lot of good friends here.” And to top it off, “And, quite frankly,” Saban said, “I’m just too damn old to start over somewhere else.”‘

Alabama coach Nick Saban and his wife, Terry -Wes Frazer for the Wall Street Journal

At the end of the November, an interview with Terry Saban appeared in the Wall Street Journal. When she was asked if reports were accurate about her house hunting in Austin, Mrs. Saban called them “rumors with absolutely no foundation”. She added, “We’re staying,” she said. “We’re not going anywhere.” Below is another excerpt from that article.

"As for the Texas job, Nick has said publicly that he plans to end his career at Alabama—a view that echoes his wife’s comments. Terry said that years ago, rebuilding a football program used to be “even more fun than winning” but that it has lost its appeal as the couple has aged (Nick is 62 and Terry is 61). Now that there’s less to prove, she said, “I say to Nick, ‘Why are we doing this? It’s not to win. You tell your players all the time, it’s not about winning it’s about the process. This is about shaping the lives of young men.'”She noted that this is the longest they’ve stayed anywhere—by two years—and that they feel like members of the community. Their children, Kristen and Nicholas, both graduated from Alabama. “We feel more like it’s home, like we are a part of the community and pulling up stakes again would be difficult.”“We are trying to educate ourselves, to change ourselves,” Terry said. “We can’t change expectations or change lack of appreciation. We have to change our mind-set. We have decided: this is where we are going to end our career.”"

Alabama Chancellor Robert Witt also stated in the 60 Mintues look into the Alabama program that hiring Coach Saban was “The best financial investment this University has ever made.”

That brings us here.

On Tuesday, Orangebloods.com reported that Texas coach Mack Brown was going to resign by the week’s end. According to a text message that Brown sent to Texas247.com, Brown had this to say. “I haven’t seen [the] article. I’m in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down, I sure wouldn’t be killing myself down here. I have not decided to step down”. Most sources since then has acknowledged that he will indeed step down this week.

Also on Tuesday, Stefan Stevenson reported one of his sources told him that Saban would be the next coach of the Longhorns.


In a report from CBS Sports’ Jerry Hinnen, a source refuted the above tweet saying “nothing is moving that fast”.

I’ve read from some reputable people that have talked to different sources that all say the same thing. Coach Nick Saban is going to finish his career at Alabama. Shannon Terry from BamaOnline said there was almost a negative percentage that he would take the Texas job. This was still the case as of late last night. Even some of the national guys are also saying that they do not believe Saban will leave for Texas.

Paul Finebaum confirmed that Coach Saban has a contract on his desk and it has been there since Friday. “You’re also going to hear a lot more about Nick Saban because he has a contract on his desk that’s been there since Friday – and today is Tuesday,” he told AL.com. Finebaum did not cite a source for the information.”It’s starting to come out today that Saban is staying at Alabama and will have a new deal so they’ll focus on that”, added Finebaum.

Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron made some comments last night in advance of the College Football Awards on Thursday. He did say that he could not actually speak for Coach Saban. “To me, he’s not leaving. That’s my personal opinion,” McCarron said Wednesday. “I can’t speak on Coach Saban. I stay out of his business. But if I had a pick, I’d say he’s not leaving.”

Don’t get too alarmed that it has not been signed. Coach Saban and staff have been burning up the recruiting trail since the Iron Bowl. Gil Brandt also reported yesterday that he had a source saying that Coach Saban and Alabama were in contract negotiations in the $7 million range.

Also, one other thing. Prepare to hear twists and turns to the story that he is in Texas today. He is indeed there in Houston seeing target Tony Brown and current Tide commit Zach Whitley. Keep checking The Houndztooth and we will keep you updated as we get more information. Until something changes, just sit back and watch it all go down. If it does change, we will be sure to let you know.