The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Ole Miss


Saturday was the epitome of why many people in the college football community say “Any given Saturday.” Eight teams total in the Top 25 were upset by lower-ranked teams in Week 6, five of which came from unranked opponents. Alabama, unfortunately, was one of those victims. Ole Miss swallowed Alabama and capitalized on mistakes in the 4th quarter to put the finishing touches on a thrilling 23-17 game.

Whether in victory or in defeat, we still collect some fantastic tweets for your enjoyment. Maybe these will help bring up your spirits.

Remember that defensive play where Ole Miss was in spread and Alabama left two players open to cover the line? Can you imagine what Freeze was thinking? “What’s that Saban up to now…I don’t know, but I don’t like it. Timeout!” Mind games are fun.

The kicking game, however, is not. Adam Griffith was a season low 1 for 3 on field goal attempts and Alabama’s kick coverage lackluster in giving up 112 total yards on 4 kickoffs. Not to mention the Christion Jones’ fumble that ultimately ended up sealing Alabama’s fate. Special teams needs some work.

My personal favorite part of CBS games is seeing the spite and hatred for Uncle Verne and Aunt Gary. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree. I just have given up on trying to get CBS making a change because they obviously aren’t listening. Why do you think they keep playing Florida-Georgia Line every Saturday?

I’m sure you all know what I’m referencing here based on these tweets. Kenyan Drake was injured badly during the game. He was airlifted to Birmingham for a lower leg injury, though we aren’t sure why. But solely based on the look of the injury, this one may be season-ending, at best. Twitter was heavy with #PrayersForKenyanDrake, which trended on Twitter a little bit as well.

You tell em, Mrs. Tuohy. A few more, miscellaneous tweets:

(By the way, you are totally rational if you want to blame Katy Perry for the loss)

Tweet of the Week

That playoff committee is going to have a fun time deciding the best four teams if every Saturday ends up like this.

Bonus Tweets

Cause you know what makes you feel better after your team has lost? Laughing at other team’s problems.


Michigan right now would pay anything to have Les Miles just immediately leave and take over for Brady Hoke.

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