Alabama Football: Even With A Loss, All Hope Is Not Lost


As a fan of Alabama football, we have all been in this situation in recent times. We needed a few teams to have some key losses and on those occasions, it happened and we found ourselves cheering for the Tide to win it all. Most folks were down after the 23-17 loss to Ole Miss this weekend. This isn’t the Ole Miss of old and they are actually a good team. An early loss won’t hurt as much as one later on would.

“The big question with our team is how you respond,” Saban said. “We’ve had several teams around here that lost and responded the right way and ended up having pretty good seasons.”

“We’ve been here before,” cornerback Cyrus Jones said. “We lost before. We pride ourselves on how we come back. It’s how we respond. We have to come back to practice and get ready for next week.”

As of right now. Alabama is sitting at the number seven spot in both polls. Let’s take a look at the teams that are currently ahead of us.

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If we can improve our game and get back on the winning track, things could play right into our hands once again. We would only need three of those teams to lose and to hit the tiebreakers just right. With the Ole Miss loss, they would hold the tie breaker if we were both sitting at the end of the year with one loss. The SEC West teams still have games between each other and Florida State will have to play Notre Dame this season as well. That will knock one of those teams out. Let’s take a look at the remaining schedules for the top three in the SEC West race.

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With the way the schedules set up and if we can win out, it could be a showdown in Bryant-Denny during the Iron Bowl to determine the Western Division Champion.

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Something tells me that Ole Miss will have their hands full in College Station this weekend, especially when I heard from their players that they spent weeks just concentrating and game planning for Alabama. There’s a lot of other teams on their schedule to worry about and a trip to Kyle Field is no easy task. An Auburn win against Ole Miss would put us ahead of them as long as we are winning out.

Mississippi State still has to get by Auburn at home as well as the Egg Bowl in Oxford and add in a trip to Tuscaloosa. That’s possibly three losses. Even if they just lost two and we are doing what we are supposed to, that would put us ahead of them.

It all boils down to that in reality, the West is still wide open and probably will be until the final regular season weekend.

Yeah, the loss was the best thing that could have happened but all hope for the Tide and Tide fans is not lost. Buckle up for the ride.