The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Arkansas


After Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss last week, it was pretty clear that this team had a lot of difficulties to overcome to get back into playoff contention. It was basically win out or fall short.

Things certainly didn’t look better for the Crimson Tide Saturday, as Alabama squeaked by with the win 14-13 over a much improved Arkansas Razorback team. Arkansas, considered statistically and by many as the bottom of the barrel in the SEC West, proved that they have guts and determination to fight in the face of adversity. That speaks to just how stacked the SEC West is. All Alabama proved, though, is that this team has much more to work on, especially the fundamentals.

Whether it’s a bad loss or close victory, we always round up the best tweets from the game we can and lay them out here for your entertainment.

We start just before the team gets ready to leave Tuscaloosa. Okay, so we’re all on the bus and…wait, where is Lane Kiffin?

That’s so Lane Kiffin.

This is all referencing the early parts of the game. Arkansas threatened to score twice in the first quarter, but ended up fumbling the ball out of bounds in the endzone, resulting in a touchback, and then fumbled the hold during one of their kicker’s first attempts at a field goal in his career.

Special Teams was probably the most talked about position during the game. Special teams was responsible for two lost fumbles and four total on kick returns. Special Team has been a struggle in the past for Alabama, though never this bad in the Saban era. A few other notable Special Teams tweets:

At least the punter has a leg. 7 of the 8 punts made by JK Scott were inside the 20. Player of the Week, right there.

My personal favorite twitter couple got closer, though Saban looks like he’s ready to send Kiffin to the Press Box. Still, not a very smart play call on 4th down.

He probably should have. I wouldn’t have even been mad.


That was probably the best referee Penn Wagers moment ever. And now, a few miscellaneous tweets:

Tweet of the Week

It takes a special team to do that. Or should I say, Special Teams?

Bonus Tweets