The Best Tweets from Alabama vs. Tennessee


There was no shortage of storylines as the Alabama Crimson Tide rolled into Knoxville for another edition of the rivalry with the Tennessee Volunteers. Lane Kiffin, Tennessee’s former coach and the last one to bring Tennessee above .500 in the win percentage, Lane Kiffin, made his return to Neyland Stadium to a healthy amount of boos. Not to mention, Alabama had beat Tennessee 7 times straight in what is considered a very streaky series. It would eventually pushed to 8 consecutive wins as Lane Kiffin…er, the Crimson Tide defeated Tennessee 34-20.

As always, we take some of the best tweets from the game and show them to you for your entertainment.

We start before the game, where the Kiffin hate was evident.

It seems Tennessee just wanted to beat Lane Kiffin because they knew they couldn’t beat Alabama.

In case you don’t know, this is the star from the “I hate tennessee” videos on YouTube. For the record: He still hates Tennessee.

This was passed along the Twitterverse before the game. What can I say? The man makes good points.

I’m sure you all know what I’m referring to here. Kiffin and his offensive squad quickly responded in the first play from scrimmage with an 80 yard pass from Blake Sims to Amari Cooper. But that wouldn’t be the end of Cooper’s highlight reel:

Resounding endorsement from former Rolando McClain. Cooper had a day, but it seems like it’s just another game for Amari Cooper, considering how common it is to see him making plays. How is this guy not the best player in the country?

Ouch. “250 lbs of violence” is just about the best way to describe that.

I love a good Eli Gold quote. After the game, Tennessee continues to hate Lane Kiffin.

At least there is someone out there respecting him. Now a few more miscellaneous tweets from the game:

Tweet of the Week

Bonus Tweets

(tweets not related to the game, but are notable)

Darn right!

Raw. Emotion. Condolences sent to the Miles family.

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