College Football Playoff: Will Alabama Be In The Final Four?


As I was waiting for my friend at our local hangout this past Tuesday, I started noticing an urgent energy in the air. The music was turned off, the TV volume grew louder, the guys next to me started pointing toward the screen. I thought it was going to be the election coverage. I was wrong.

It was something worse. The college football playoff show.

The bartender was rather nervous about where Alabama would be placed. She kept referencing strength of schedule and which seed would be best. The guys beside me were cracking jokes at the expense of Oregon and TCU but hey don’t tell them that those schools may actually have bigger and more impressive wins than Alabama so far.

My friend soon walked in and said, “I hope we’re not in the top four.” I was a bit thrown off, so I asked him to explain. He went on about the motivation factor and with Alabama being such a young team, the added spark can sway the team in one direction or another.

After seeing some of the bar freak out when Alabama was in fifth place, I wondered, what was the point? I look Two of the the top four teams are opponents left on Alabama’s schedule.

Alabama is actually in a better spot than any other school. Win out and you’re in.

Which is what I fully expect Alabama to do if they survive their trip to Death Valley. With Alabama’s two biggest games left at home, where the Tide has looked unbeatable so far this season, there’s a good chance Alabama finishes the season at the top of the West division.

Of course anything can happen, but it seems like the dominoes are falling in the right places for the Tide. So here’s my shot projecting the playoff.

1. Florida State

The Seminoles have one tough game left, at Miami. Okay stop laughing. Seriously stop. If FSU wins out, or I should say when, the undefeated defending national champs will be the top seed. Unless an SEC school runs away with the rest of the season and dominates the conference championship, it’s a safe bet to put FSU here.

2. Alabama

I have Alabama winning out. About a month ago I pointed out a few flaws that could bite us in the butt later in the season. I thought they were answered against Florida, but after watching the Tide run the Aggies out of Bryant-Denny I can say that many of my concerns have dissolved. Alabama should take down Mississippi State and with revenge on their minds at home, should win another thrilling Iron Bowl against Auburn. No one in the East really scares me, so expect another conference title if Alabama makes it that far.

3. Oregon

The Ducks have a “trap” game against Utah this weekend. If they survive that trip, they should be soaring to the end of the season. They’re projected to play Arizona St in their conference title, who is a difficult team, but once again I’m expecting Oregon to pull out the win. Oregon finally gets Bama.

4. Michigan State

Definitely the toughest spot to project. TCU and Kansas State play each other soon, so the loser is eliminated. Each have another somewhat difficult game remaining, and if that school is upset then it’s next in line. Enter Michigan State. With Ohio State remaining and another ranked matchup in their conference championship, Michigan State should get another shot at a championship.

With all this being said, it’s pointless to worry over rankings. Alabama truly controls their own destiny, if the Tide continues to roll then there is no reason to sweat rankings or whatever the media talking heads say. The Tide will be in the playoff.