LSU – Alabama preview: All aboard the SEC West Hype Machine


LSU did us a nice favor a couple of weeks ago by serving up a loss to Ole Miss in the game that is rivaled in ugliness only by the Alabama-Arkansas game. The Tigers have rather quietly snuck back into the picture, ranked 14 in the AP poll and 16 in the Poll That Is Kinda Like the Poll You and Your Bar Buddies Would Do, But By Famous People.

And that’s a good thing. I, for one, like when LSU is good. I don’t have the same disdain for LSU that I do for Auburn and Tennessee. I respect LSU, if for no other reason than coaching there sent Nick Saban to the NFL, which ultimately landed him at the Capstone.

So Bama is good and LSU is getting better. Which means it’s time for the good ol’ media SEC West hype machine to kick into full gear! Among some points you need to remember heading into this clash of the titans:

  • The SEC West is wide open! This scenario can happen! As can that one! And that one! Or even that one! In fact, there are so many scenarios that Big 10 fans can keep busy dissecting them once the one big game of their season is over on Saturday. (Spoiler alert: The winner of Ohio State-Michigan State still won’t make the final four because, you know, Big 10.)
  • No one wins at Death Valley at night. No one! Except, well, Alabama. Fun fact: Alabama is 25-8-3 all time on the road against LSU. Just a hunch a couple of those were played at Death Valley. At night.
  • Les Miles has rattled off back-to-back 10-win seasons. Most places, that’s nice. Wonder how long the Bayou faithful will be happy having Tommy Tuberville II as their coach.
  • Speaking of coaches, you think Gus Malzahn MAYBE could have mentioned Laquan Treadwell’s brutal injury during his Ole Miss onfield postgame interview? Perhaps he could have shelved a couple of gum smacks for a “Get well soon, kid.”
  • And speaking of Auburn, it’s okay that you rooted for them against Ole Miss. I did, too. It wasn’t pleasant. It wasn’t fun. But we had to do it. It’s like a doctor’s appointment after you turn 40. It needed to be done, it was for our overall health, now let’s move on.
  • And speaking of gnarly injuries – hey, TV, guess what – even if it’s critical touchdown that’s being reviewed, I’m okay with not showing the replay over and over again if a kid’s leg gets snapped in half. I’ll take the ref’s word for it on how the replay came out.
  • Blake Sims, you’re up. No more home Blake and away Blake. Time to be Blake. You’ve got this. And a guy named Cooper. And Yeldon. And Henry.
  • Alabama is a touchdown favorite. At Death Valley. At night. Just wanted to remind you where and when the game was.
  • Bold prediction: UT Martin upsets Miss St. on Saturday.
  • Yeah, just kidding. They’ll be destroyed.
  • If the Tide defense is finally who we think they are, this will be a prime time chance for them to show that defense still wins championships, and this one is leading the charge. Reggie Ragland is close to being a household name, and not just because it’s a cool sounding name.
  • Don’t forget that the game is at Death Valley. At night.