The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. LSU


It wasn’t pretty. It never is pretty when you mix Alabama and LSU in Death Valley on a Saturday night when both teams are ranked. Alabama lost 59 minutes and 10 seconds of the game. But everybody knows it’s a 60 minute game and that was the difference that led to Alabama defeating LSU in overtime 20-13.

Twitter really told the tale of the tape, so we’re breaking it down the traditional way: Bringing you the best, the most entertaining, and the most revealing tweets in the twitter-verse.

It actually was a fairly clean game overall, with a combined 5 penalties for 49 yards total. After the game, Les Miles noted that the 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the 4th was the most significant turning point in the game.

To be clear, this was after the only touchdown in regulation. Amari didn’t have a stellar day, dropping passes both long and short. Then again, the offense as a whole didn’t have a great day:

Needless to say, the offense continued to stall and stall again and it didn’t help that Alabama missed an essential chip shot of a FG in the first half. So what do you think of Lane Kiffin now?

Amazing how one game can make you turn against a coach so quickly. Speaking of coaches, how is Les Miles doi…oh

I’ve figured it out. Les Miles is a hamster. It all makes sense. We move forward a little to the end of the game. Here at Bama Hammer, we strive in giving you the most accurate in-game analysis:

WE CALLED IT (not really there was actually a fourth chance that ended up being the game tying drive, but details)

And now take a moment to read through this progression of tweets from the beginning of that game-tying drive to the end:

After the game, several players took to Twitter, including one sir Honey Badger:

Well said. Now a few more miscellaneous tweets from postgame and then some:

Tweet of the Week

Mississippi State will be a test next week at home.

Bonus Tweets

Tweets that aren’t related to the game, but were funny enough to share. (Surprise, it’s all about Auburn)

He called the blocked field goal runback. For reals.