The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Mississippi State


After a long stint on the road, Alabama returned back home to “Mama” in Bryant-Denny Stadium to begin the stretch run towards the end of the regular season. A common opponent in Mississippi State was due to arrive, but this wasn’t the Mississippi State that Alabama was used to beating up on, as the Bulldogs came into the game ranked #1 in America. In the end, it was Alabama’s strong defense and  methodical offense that led to a 25-20 victory to upset the Mississippi State Cowbell – I mean, Bulldogs.

As we do here every week, we scanned and surveyed  the deepest, darkest rhelms of the Twitterverse to bring you the most insightful tweets from the game (just kidding, most of them are hilarious). Enjoy.

One of the more creative GameDay signs from Tuscaloosa this year. Total burn. But that wasn’t the end of the pregame festivities:

Twitter is like a book that never gets finished that gets more intriguing every week. Time to start the game aaaaaand…

The safety early was probably the one thing you can point to that really lit a fire in the defense. The Alabama defense ended up with three interceptions in the game stolen from then-Heisman contender Dak Prescott. That tied Prescott’s career high.

It didn’t seem like Mississippi State got much done in the first half and couldn’t move the ball. Didn’t help that Alabama had a punter who had the skills of a Australian rugby player in JK Scott, who seemed to help Alabama flip the field. I’d like to take this timeout to feature a discussion I had re: Alabama’s Derrick Henry TD that was ruled a fumble originally. (Note I took this timeout early in this post, so I naturally have better clock management than Dan Mullen)

And then I got a reply:

HE MAD. Now moving on…

No love for the field goal kicker, but I’m assuming this is understood when being recruited.

Mentioning the final drive in the 4th to put the final nail in the coffin for Mississippi State.

Wait this Saban robot is broken, we must send him out for repair. And now, a few more miscellaneous comments regarding the game:

Tweet of the Week

A perfect metaphor.

Bonus Tweets

Tweets that are not related to the game, but are too good not to share:

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