The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Western Carolina


It was another cupcake Saturday in the SEC. Minor teams going to play big bad SEC teams only to get smashed by said SEC teams in exchange for money for the schools participating. Of course, there were the usual cries of “The SEC doesn’t play anybody!”…

And we all say to that “How many times in a row has an SEC team appeared in the National Championship?” and then flash our rings like we roll in style. Alabama, meanwhile, had it’s hands full with Western Carolina in Braynt-Denny Stadium Saturday afternoon, all in preparation for the Auburn Tigers to come into town. We pulled the best tweets we could find out of the Twitterverse (although, it seemed like some fans were either paying attention to Ole Miss/Arkansas and/or at some kind of wedding) and brought them to you for your enjoyment.

But then…

In a move that Auburn would be proud of (btw AUBURN HATE WEEK STARTS NOW), an inadvertent whistle caused WCU to go up 7-0 early on the Tide. That wasn’t the only scare for Alabama though.

Cooper injured himself after scoring a touchdown to make it 14-7. That scared fans as Cooper did not return, but it was later revealed that he would be good to go.

It’s upsetting, and understandably so, to see Western Carolina resort to dangerous blocking and tackling techniques. The moves injured a lot of Bama players, which will be a storyline going into the Iron Bowl.

Probably so.

JK Scott wasn’t the only kicker on the field, however. True freshman Gunnar Raybon handled most of the field goals and got most of them. Looked impressive. Maybe some hope for #BamaKickers?

And now a few more from the junk drawer that I’m sure you’ll like:


Tweet of the Week

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Bonus Tweets

Tweets not meant for the game, but too great for holding them back.

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