Five reasons why the Crimson Tide will be National Champions this year


1. Defense.  Throughout the season, Alabama’s defense has become much stronger, especially in the secondary. If the Crimson Tide wins out the rest of the regular season and heads to the playoff, they will face teams that are known for their passing game. Alabama could potentially play Mississippi State again, as well as Oregon and FSU – teams that are known for their deep passing game. Last week’s game against Mississippi State showed the country that the Tide’s secondary is stronger than they have been all season. If the Tide can continue to shut down other teams’ passing games, the Tide will roll to their 16th national title.

2. Offense.  Before the season started, so many questions were asked as to who the starting QB would be. Not only did someone have to fill the shoes of AJ McCarron, they also had to able to handle the pressure of being a first-year starter with the mission of winning another national title. When Blake Sims was named starter, no one knew just how good he would be. No one ever imagined that he could dramatically improve so much during the off- season last year or that he would be able to be such a dual threat. With Sims and Amari Cooper through the air, and with Yeldon and Henry on the ground, this Alabama offense looks to be the strongest it has been in years.

3. Strength of schedule. Unlike FSU and Oregon, who haven’t played many top-ranked teams, the majority of the teams that Alabama has played this season have been ranked. Alabama beat a ranked LSU team in Death Valley, and the next week put on a stellar performance at home against the No. 1 team in the nation. FSU, on the other hand, has struggled against almost everyone they’ve played, especially the unranked teams. Alabama’s strength of schedule is one of the reasons why the Tide is ranked No. 1 in this week’s rankings.

4. Leadership.  In the previous years, leadership has come mostly from the seniors who are hoping to add one more ring to their collection. But this year, a lot of younger leaders have stepped up. Christion Jones and Landon Collins are two examples of younger players who have stepped up and become leaders. Both have made tremendous impacts on this team and have made clutch plays during games to put the momentum back on the Tide’s side.

5. Experience.  Whether it’s playing in a big game or facing adversity, Alabama’s football program has faced them both. This program has so much experience playing in big games, especially championship games. Saban has coached three national title teams at Alabama, so he knows how to mentally and physically prepare his teams to win. This year’s team has learned what it’s like to be family. Whether it’s helping rebuild a town destroyed by a tornado, or encouraging a fellow player who’s injured, this team has experience in what it needs to do to win.

The Tide has a target on its back. Everyone wants to beat them, and many want to be them. If the Tide can keep motivated by treating every game as important as the championship; if they can continue to be dominant on both sides of the ball; and if the leaders continue to step up… this team will once again put the “D” word back in everyone’s mouth: