The Best Tweets From The 2014 Iron Bowl


Can you say a record-breaking 99 points? Can you say Amari Cooper garnering an Iron Bowl-record 224 receiving yards? Can you say Auburn is 8-4? (Gesundheit) Yes, it was a back and forth game, but the fourth quarter ended up making the difference as Alabama pulled away with a 55-44 victory over Auburn. Alabama had all but wrapped up the West before the game even kicked off, as Mississippi State fell to Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl. Alabama now gets Missouri in the final test before they can be assured a spot in the playoff.

As we always do here on Bama Hammer, we bring you the funniest, insightful and, at least some, overreactionary tweets from Twitter. Enjoy as you continue to relish in the victory in the Iron Bowl. Keep in mind there were a ton of good tweets out there and, as much as I’d like to show them all, I cannot do so. Also, some people had so many good ones, they may be mentioned more than once, something I don’t normally do. But hey, it’s an Iron Bowl victory, I’m feeling like pushing the envelope a bit.

We start in the morning, when Gameday was in town. A few signs caught our attention:

And then Alabama fans attention turned to their state neighbor:

Mississippi State was favored in many experts eyes to dominate, but that was not the case. Ole Miss ended up taking the Egg Bowl back, which sealed the division for the Tide. Finally kickoff! Let’s get this thing…wait what just happened…

Even after the very strange opening, Alabama opened up strong.

Yes, Alabama was riding high with a 14-9 game early. Auburn couldn’t seem to finish drives. That’s when it started to spiral out of control:

(Ironic how that attitude changes so quickly)

Fans didn’t react well to the collapse of the offense and defense in the 2nd quarter. 26-21 Auburn was the halftime score. Meltdowns began on Finebaum’s special on SEC Network.

On to the third quarter…which didn’t start out well either.

It certainly seemed like doom and gloom after Auburn continued to dominate with big, deep passes. 36-27 was the score, 3:30 left in the 3rd. And then, Alabama woke up. And quick.

These three tweets were reactions to the Amari Cooper’s 75-yard TD pass from Blake Sims, which was a huge turning point in the game. As the game went on, the tweets were upbeat and positive:

MVP is close tie between Amari Cooper and Blake Sims. Blake Sims struggled with three INT’s but responded like a champion late in the third and into the fourth quarter. And now a few more miscellaneous tweets:

Tweet of the Week

Bonus Tweets

Tweets you may have missed during the course of the day that we found remarkable.

Oh this needs no context.

Ah how could we resist one more dig at Auburn in our bonus tweets?

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