The Best Tweets From The 2014 SEC Championship


Alabama was already favored heavily to win against the Missouri Tigers coming in to the SEC Championship game. Alabama started quick, scoring 21 points in first half and leading 21-3 in the half. The third quarter gave a little more momentum to the Mizzou side, getting 10 points and moving to within one possession. But it was ultimately the Tide’s game to lose, as they scored another 21 to clinch Alabama’s 24th SEC Championship. Credit due to the defense for only allowing one touchdown in the game, but Blake Sims gets some love too for leading a dynamic offense.

As usual, fans, experts and passer-bys visited Twitter to post their thoughts on the game. We pulled the best out and laid them out for you like a holiday spread of turkey and ham.


You’d think someone would have figured out a good gameplan by now on how to stop Amari Cooper. He broke the SEC Championship record for receptions in the game, but DeAndrew White had the most yards in the game with 1/3 fewer receptions.

I love some good Lane Kiffin pictures. More to come from Kiffin later.

That last one…right in the feels. But Alabama continues to struggle mightily in one area: Kicking Field Goals.

A lot of Missouri twitter (and a few Alabama fans, actually) screamed that Shane Ray’s hit on Blake Sims was not targeting. But you go back over the video again and again and it’s a textbook example of why the targeting rule was created in the first place. Let’s check in with Lane Kiffin again.

I don’t know what Lane Kiffin is doing, but it’s starting to trend. Lane Kiffin is a psychic. That started a hashtag frenzy that was probably sourced from none other than Bama Hammer’s Editor: #ThingsThatMakeLaneKiffinSignalTD. Some of the best:

Back to the game.

Was it or was it a fumble? Doesn’t matter. Forward progress would have overruled everything. It’s halftime. Time to change the channel? WRONG.

Zabrina might be getting some calls this morning after her showing at the Dr. Pepper Tuition competition.


The game is over! Alabama wins it’s 24th SEC Championship! Lane Kiffin…wait where is Lane…

(Cue “Mad World” by Donnie Darko)

And now, a few more miscellaneous tweets from the game:

That’s all regarding Verne and Gary’s comments on Lane Kiffin’s job at USC.

Tweet of the Week

Don’t you dare tell me you haven’t thought about Verne this way ever.

Bonus Tweets

Tweets not worthy of the SEC Championship Game, but still deserve to be in the Top 4 of the College Football Playoff.

That tweet from the Oregon/Arizona game Friday.

For those not in the loop, that’s Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby. ONE. TRUE. CHAMPIONS.

Coming up later this week: The Best Tweets From The 2014 Season. A recap of the best tweets from every week in the season.