Morning Kickoff: Crimson Tide News 12/27


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Check out this video from Saturday Down South and see if this gets you fired up for next week.

Watch Alabama fan’s emotional reaction to Sugar Bowl tickets for Christmas

"William “Skip” Garrett III knew the perfect gift to make his father’s Christmas dreams come true. What he might not have been ready for was the outpouring of emotion that was to follow.Garrett, a Huntsville native who now lives in Los Angeles, California, shares a “die-hard” love of Alabama football with his father, William D. Garrett Jr. He came to his father’s Madison home for Christmas to give him the very thing any Crimson Tide fan would love. His father’s response was so powerful, he decided to share it with the world."

Such a great video. I love these. You can check it out in the link. Hope they enjoy the game and have a great time.

Tide Talk: Q&A with Crimson Heart collaborator Steve Townsend

"Moore not only played on legendary coach Paul Bryant’s first national championship team at UA in 1961, he served as an assistant coach for six others (five with Bryant and another with Gene Stallings). As athletics director at Alabama, Moore hired Nick Saban, whose UA teams won three national crowns before Moore’s death on March 30, 2013.In his recently-published biography, Crimson Heart: Let Me Tell You My Story, Moore takes readers from his upbringing in rural Dozier, Ala., to his time at UA, a memorable run that spanned parts of seven decades. Assisting Moore on the project was his close friend and confidant, Steve Townsend. The result was a story every Alabama fan will want to read.I recently caught up with Townsend for a question and answer session on the book."

Great interview with Steve Townsend. I bought this book just a few days before Christmas. I sat down the night it came and read the entire book. It’s a must have for any Alabama fan.

Commentary: Stay or go? Alabama’s top juniors have decision to make

"Alabama would almost be a lock to return to the College Football Playoff if Amari Cooper, Landon Collins, T.J. Yeldon, Reggie Ragland and Jarran Reed all stayed in school for their senior year.Even the most prayerful Crimson Tide fans know that’s not going to happen.So Jan. 1 could very well be the last time these five players wear the Alabama uniform. The question is should all these guys leave early for the NFL draft or return to school?"

According to the writer, he projects most that are able to go to declare for the draft but also thinks a few may stick around for another season.

SEC Football: 5 Reasons the Conference Will Dominate Bowl Season 

"After posting a combined 13-6 record in the previous two postseasons, the SEC is set to once again dominate in 2014-15.In fact, coming up with a list of reasons as to why the league wouldn’t dominate is a much tougher challenge, because it’s hard to believe history isn’t set to repeat itself.There’s no disputing the SEC has been the best college football league for nearly a decade despite having its championship streak broken last year when Auburn lost to Florida State on a last-minute touchdown. Florida began the streak, LSU chipped in, Auburn played a role and Alabama has reached a near-dynasty.If or when the gap between the SEC and whatever conference you think is second—the Pac-12 or Big 12—disappears, we’ll look back on the era and marvel at how many great coaches, players and games we saw helping to build the league’s legacy."

We all know the SEC is the toughest conference in the country. We are battle tested just about every week. Check out Bleacher Report’s article on why we will dominate.