The Best Tweets From Alabama vs. Ohio State


Alabama came into this game a favorite, the number one seed and SEC Champions. They had weeks to prepare for an Ohio State team that was down to their third string quarterback. In then end, however, this is why they created the playoff in the first place: To separate a true national champion from the top four teams. In the end, Alabama ended up on the lower side of the scoreboard, falling to the Ohio State Buckeyes 42-35.

All year long, we’ve brought you the best tweets from every game and we’re going to do so one last time for the season. Below are the most entertaining, hilarious and insightful tweets from the game last night. Enjoy.

Things got off to a scary start when Christion Jones left the ball in the endzone on the kickoff for any Ohio State player to take and score 6. Thankfully, Bama got on top of it.

JK Scott was easily the player of the game for Alabama, who flipped the field on multiple possessions that gave Alabama life at several points in the game.

A should-have-been safety was missed by the referees and might have been one of the more important missed calls in the game. But this is Bama Hammer, we don’t make excuses on referee calls when we lose. Most of the time.

Derrick Henry was great in the game, when he was played. Henry finished with 13 carries for 95 yards and a touchdown.

I’ve never seen my Timeline suddenly blow up in “Run The Dang Ball”. Surprised it never got on the Trending topics.

Urban was mad after a flag was thrown for running into the kicker against Alabama. He thought it should have been roughing. Video Evidence says otherwise.

A bonehead play by Ohio State kept Alabama in the game by offering them a virtual free timeout after a deep ball was ruled incomplete.

Unfortunately, the time ran out and Alabama ended up short on the scoreboard. Game over. After the game:

And now a few miscellaneous tweets from the game:

Tweet of the Game

That dude looks exactly like the Trololo guy, doesn’t he??

Bonus Tweets

Tweets that were not from the game, but were worthy mentions of a National Championship.

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