Alabama Recruiting: Thoughts On The Tide’s Top Remaining Targets


With just a few days until the Alabama recruiting class of 2015 is wrapped up on National Signing Day, let’s take a look at the top remaining targets on the board and to which school or schools they could be leaning.

Four-star Wide Receiver Daylon Charlot

Charlot was previously an Alabama commitment that reopened his recruitment in December of 2014 and it looks like the Tide is in good shape to welcome the Louisiana prospect back into the fold. More than likely, Charlot wanted to step back and make sure of his decision on where he would spend his college years. I’m sure some of his family and friends want him to stay in state to play for LSU and that could be a reason as well. These kids are young and under a lot of pressure plus they want to try to make everyone happy. Hopefully he feels comfortable with whatever decision he chooses to make.

Five-star Defensive End CeCe Jefferson

I sort of believed all hope was gone on this one a month or so ago but I’m slowly gaining confidence. As of now, I don’t think I would predict Alabama but nothing would surprise me. Most believe that no one really knows what the number two strong-side defensive end in the country would do. Jefferson dropped by Tuscaloosa for a visit this past Friday as he headed to Ole Miss and then again on Sunday as he headed home. In my opinion, he wouldn’t have slowed down if he wasn’t seriously considering Alabama.

The guys at Alabama Intel also noted a few interesting nuggets from his coach: Jefferson wants to have some fireworks for his announcement and Tide defensive line coach Bo Davis and Jefferson’s father were teammates in college and still friends. The Tide staff sent in coaches Lane Kiffin, Kirby Smart, Tosh Lupoi, and Bo Davis for a visit yesterday evening. In that same Alabama Intel report, Jefferson’s coach mentioned that Jefferson really liked Lupoi. This one is definitely worth watching over the next few days.

Four-star Wide Receiver K.J. Hill

Once an Arkansas commit, Hill decommitted just a few weeks ago after a visit to Tuscaloosa. Most believed Hill’s decision to step back was due to Arkansas not yet naming an offensive coordinator. Many Alabama moderators thought that Tuscaloosa could possibly be the destination for Hill but now, many Ohio State folks believe that Ohio State could be the pick. Coach Nick Saban made a visit to see Hill on Wednesday and Coach Urban Meyer dropped by last night. He is expected to announce at any time and I think he is heading to Columbus.

Four-Star Wide Receiver Lawrence Cager

If Alabama does indeed miss on K.J. Hill, they could possibly make a push to add Cager to the class. Will it do any good? That remains to be seen. A few weeks ago, many believed that Cager would commit to Alabama. Alabama could have tried to convince him to hold off to see what other targets were going to do or to make sure that the numbers would work. Cager ended up committing to Miami at the beginning of January. Word is he did receive a committable offer from Alabama, but stated there was a “slim chance” he flips. Miami will probably hold on here.

Other Possibilities

There’s always a chance that a target not known could emerge as well. I did see one report that the Alabama coaching staff was trying to get a visit this evening with recent decommit four-star cornerback Rico McGraw. Most think he is heading to Georgia so that visit probably won’t happen. There’s also a chance to add one of the offensive tackles left on the board: Four-star Drew Richmond or keeping four-star Isaiah Prince. At this time, both of those seem unlikely. The best chance is with Drew Richmond. He was supposedly visiting yesterday but apparently never made it campus. Richmond will head to Knoxville for the weekend and it’s up in the air if he visits Tuscaloosa. If he drops in, keep an eye on him.