Alabama Football: Breaking Down the 2015 Recruiting Class


Like almost everyone in the state of Alabama knows at this point, Alabama finished National Signing Day with the consensus top recruiting class. We also learned that these high school kids know what a fax machine is. Maybe home phones aren’t totally extinct yet?

Anyway, instead of diving into the information over every single recruit, I’ve decided to simplify it for you. So once you get done reading this, your water cooler talk at the office should be on point. I went ahead and broke down some of my instant impact players, sleepers (is there such a thing in a top class?) and the recruit I’m highest on.

Instant Impact Players

Bo Scarbrough

Okay, so some of these guys are going to be pretty obvious and there is no exception with Scarbrough. I feel like this guy was getting hype before I even made it to college. First thing you should know about Scarbrough is that he’s an athletic freak. The “athlete” is taller and almost weighs the same as our old friend Jalston Fowler. Kinda scary when he’s running at you full speed. He’s even faster, more athletic, catches the ball very well for his position, and was already practicing with the team before their playoff game with Ohio State. You don’t think Lane Kiffin is having dreams about this guy already?

Jonathan Taylor

Fans have already discussed thoroughly whether he should be on this team or not. Why waste typing space when we could have more fun breaking down his game? Taylor joins a very deep defensive line, which includes folks like A’Shawn Robinson, Jarran Reed, Jonathan Allen, D.J. Pettway, and Da’Shawn Hand. The fact that I’m leaving off other big time recruits should show just how crazy and deep this rotation is. So how is the new guy an instant impact player? He can line up anywhere along the line, including NT. With Brandon Ivory gone, the easiest pick would probably be Robinson as a replacement. However, Robinson fits better on the outside, a position that he prefers. If the brain trust thinks Taylor can start immediately, then it’s a win-win for the defensive line. Remember, Taylor already has experience with Georgia, so having experience at this level already is a huge bonus.

Ronnie Harrison

It’s no secret the safety position will be Alabama’s “Achilles heel” going into Spring ball. With two players graduating and Landon Collins leaving early for the NFL, the position just got a lot weaker. So look for a guy already on campus to try and make an early impact. Harrison is an athletic freak with very good size and speed, but can also lay the wood tackling. Now, Deionte Thompson is actually a higher ranked recruit but considering Harrison has the size advantage I’ll give him the early nod.


Daylon Charlot

He’s not going to be the wide receiver everyone talks about this off season; that title goes to Calvin Ridley. However, Charlot can ball. He’s an explosive player, that can turn anything into a big play. A comparable player would probably be ArDarius Stewart, who showed some flashes last season. Charlot may not make an immediate impact but in a year or two he should be making some big plays on the receiving end of Blake Barnett, if everything goes according to plan. As a bonus he has incredible return skills. I urge you to check out his highlights from the Under Armour All-America Game.

Hale Hentges

No one likes to talk about the positions that don’t have the best highlight tapes, but regardless, Hentges will have a big role on this team. Of course O.J. Howard was the last time we had a big time TE commit that fans were excited about, but it’s been a while since Alabama has had a balanced TE like Hentges. Looking at some of his games, Hentges mows through defensive players on run plays. The guy can also catch the ball pretty well, going for almost 1,000 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns his senior year. Hentges brings the size and skills to become a player over the next four years.

What’s That Really Big Present Hidden Behind the Christmas Tree Award

This was the toughest to pick because I could only pick one. Right? Okay sure I’ll play fair. Blake Barnett favors to be the next great at quarterback. Calvin Ridley is all of a sudden following a line of elite receivers, Damien Harris adds to the impressive list of past running backs and Daron Payne will look to be the next intimidating lineman for the front seven (also I want to use #PayneTrain every Saturday).

I also had a couple sleepers like hometown boy Lester Cotton and Kendall Sheffield. After careful consideration that included a lunch trip to Buffalo Phil’s, calling my parents over my job hunt and mean mugging my neighbor’s dog wishing he would pop a squat on my lawn, I decided to go with…

Blake Barnett

Okay I’m playing favorites with the guy that plays QB. Like it or not, he’s bringing a new era to the Crimson Tide. He’s the highest-ranked quarterback Saban has landed since being in TitleTown and he’s a dual threat player, which is great for our current offense. He’s here already for Spring ball and recruited like crazy, bringing in other top recruits. It was beautiful seeing him throw darts to Calvin Ridley at the Under Armour All-America Game. Just look at his ranking; he’s considered to be one of the best pro-style and dual-threat quarterbacks in the nation. Strong arm, ability to run, has the size, really good pocket presence, and can make big time plays on the fly. Even if he sits, it will only be for a year. He’s the kind of guy you build a team around.