Alabama Football Podcast: Signing Day Wrapup


In this episode Tom and Dave discuss yet another Recruiting National Championship reeled in by the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Words begin to fail the excellence that is Alabama’s recruiting machine under head coach Nick Saban. Four years ago our post recruiting show included our shared awe that Alabama was the only program to pull in three consecutive top 10 classes – No. 1, No. 3 and No. 1 was the streak in those heady times. Four consecutive top ranked classes later, and what really is left to say?

But somehow we’ve got so soldier on, otherwise we’re in for some really bad podcasts! In the end, I don’t think we disappoint because Tom and I have never been bashful when it comes to talking Tide football.

Highlights of our signing day discussion include:

Candidates for Day 1 Contributors – Every player has talent and every fan has their favorite recruit, but which recruits bring a day 1 skill set to a position requiring such?

Some of our suggestions are obvious – RB Damien Harris is a near lock to break into the rotation at a position down two players and returning a 3rd from a critical injury – while others may be less obvious. Three star TE Hale Hentges may not be the crown jewel of the class, but his skillset is in high demand following the loss of at least four players who have taken snaps at the position in recent seasons. Tune in as we explore several other players and positions.

Dark horse Candidates for Roles and Freshmen – Sometimes talent and opportunity don’t immediately align. Sometimes additional circumstances play a role. In this portion of the show we discuss at least five players who could play significant roles in the fall only if they can tilt the circumstances in their favor over the coming months. Tune in as we outline the players and the unique steps they each need to take.

Likely Redshirts with Career Achievement Potential – Sometimes I think the redshirting of a recruit is akin to a ‘Men In Black’-like mid sweep. A year devoted to development while allowing place-making shifts in the roster to unfold can cause some fans to forget that some players ever existed. If that’s you, then we’ve got your fix.

As you listen to this portion of the show, simply jot down notes on a post-it and place it somewhere you’re sure to run into it come September 2016 or beyond. This is important because we identify at least five players that probably won’t play this fall but who we expect to become fan favorites before their Alabama careers are over.

Biggest Miss – Even top ranked recruiting classes can have their flaws. Check out two rather significant gaps we explore on the show, including the steps the coaching staff will take to mask these gaps as early as this coming spring practice.

Biggest Surprise – Hands down this recruiting class contains irrefutable evidence that Nick Saban is the best recruiter ever. Tune in and let us know if you agree.

Next Up – Believe it or not, Spring practice is just around the corner. So stay close to for the latest meanderings from the crew at the Alabama Football Podcast. In the meantime, Roll Tide.

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