Who Is Much Rumored Alabama Transfer And Ohio State Star Braxton Miller?


Who is Ohio State former starting quarterback and possible Alabama transfer Braxton Miller?

If you’ve been paying attention to the offseason rumors, you’ve seen that Braxton Miller may or may not be transferring out of an Ohio State University, and possibly even to Alabama.

This week, OSU athletic director Gene Smith said that Miller isn’t going anywhere.

The problem is that Braxton Miller has been silent on the matter. I’m not here to play college football internet detective, but let’s say that he’s still exploring transfer options.

So let’s take a look at who Ohio State star and rumored Alabama transfer Braxton Miller is.

You may remember Braxton Miller from Ohio State’s 2012 undefeated season. The Buckeyes were ineligible for postseason play (including the Big Ten championship game) due to NCAA sanctions, and some of their fans were not thrilled that a one-loss Alabama team won the national title.

Then again, you may not remember – winning a BCS title is an all consuming feat. I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you forgot about the other teams that year.

Miller was the starting quarterback for the Buckeyes for most of 2011 and for all of the 2012 and 2013 seasons. After starting the 2011 season as a backup and struggling somewhat in an offense that wasn’t suited to his athletic style of play, Urban Meyer came to Columbus and Miller went an impressive 22-2 in 2012 and 2013.

While you may not be familiar with Braxton Miller, I can’t imagine that you’ve managed to forget Tim Tebow. Meyer’s offensive strategy with Miller wasn’t much different than it was with Tebow at Florida – when in doubt, give the ball to the quarterback.

Urban Meyer won two championships with Tim Tebow and has always spoken very highly of his old quarterback, but he has said that Braxton Miller is more talented. Looking at the tape, it’s hard to disagree. Tebow’s accuracy and throwing motion have been criticized by many, particularly since leaving Florida. Miller’s strength, accuracy, and mechanics are impressive.

So why would this talented, successful player be interested in leaving Ohio State at all? Braxton Miller suffered a season-ending shoulder injury early in fall camp before his senior season.

He was granted a medical redshirt by the NCAA, but his injury may have actually helped his team – the Buckeyes went undefeated to win the 2014 national title (not that you could’ve forgotten that one…).

In his absence, the Buckeyes started sophomore J.T. Barrett. Barrett threw 34 touchdowns and ran for 11 more in an 11-1 start to the season. Then, in OSU’s final regular season game against rival Michigan, Barrett broke his right leg.

Enter junior Cardale Jones. I won’t recap him. I’m still a little sad about how impressive he was in the first three starts of his college career. He’s huge, he’s evasive, he’s a good passer, and he’s tough to tackle.

Now, after compiling a 28-8 record as a starter, Braxton Miller finds himself in a 3-man quarterback battle entering his senior season.

The “Braxton Miller to Alabama” rumors started this spring, when Miller visited long time friend Trey DePriest in Alabama. Miller was in Birmingham for a rehab appointment with Dr. James Andrews, orthopedic surgeon for basically every American athlete you’ve ever heard of.

Trey DePriest said that he and Miller were just catching up and didn’t discuss Miller’s future. Braxton Miller has said nothing.

Is he leaving Ohio State for Alabama? Is he leaving Ohio State at all? Let us know in the comments.